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This blog is for:

Readers here are winners, usually entrepreneurs OR people who refuse accept the rat race. They are smart, open minded and independent thinkers who take responsibility for their own success.

They enjoy self-improvement, seek a deeper understanding of themselves, and believe in life long learning. Those who choose to be losers, are not welcomed in our community. 

This blog is about:

(short answer)

This blog will help you reach the next level you’ve been striving for.

This site is divided into three parts:

(1)Wealth Attraction,  (2) Wealth Preservation, and (3) Wealth Psychology

The overlap is unique to this blog and very important to your success. Money and freedom comes primarily through entrepreneurship or an entrepreneurial approach to employment.

However, it is very common for high income earning entrepreneurs to be broke. That’s why the mix of business and personal finance is critical to your success.

And finally, I sprinkle in some inspiration, because all of the advice in the world is worthless unless I can motivate you to take action. 

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 (Long answer)

The problem

When you’re stuck in the rat race, it’s easy to loose sight of the end goal, which for most of us, is happiness.

I’m most happy when I’m with friends and family and engrossed in new and exciting adventures. I’m most annoyed doing rote tasks that have little value or significance and provide few opportunities to learn. In other words, happiness comes from love and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

The Solution

With that in mind, it seems simple, spend more time doing the things you love and less time doing what the things you hate. That’s easier said than done. There’s always stuff that gets in the way—usually time and money.

That’s what this blog is about; arranging your money and income to free up more time to do the things you love.

It’s about living life on your terms, not society’s. It’s about clearing through the B.S. so you can focus on what’s important to you.

1) Wealth Attraction

The second part is about creating more income, often, through entrepreneurship.

Being self-employed is not perfect, but it can provide greater income and freedom.

It’s usually easier to create more income through improved marketing than it is to use financial planning to manage the income you already have.

Thus, I share a lot about marketing. That is the most valuable skill you will ever learn regardless of your profession.

2) Wealth Preservation

First, this blog is about managing the money you have and converting your income into wealth—financial planning. Some are great at earning income, but struggle at converting that income into wealth that can be used to create more freedom.

My idea of financial planning is not limited to managing the wealth you already have. It’s about paying fewer taxes, getting out of debt, and investing your money efficiently in a way that actually works in the real world, not just in books.


3) Wealth Psychology

Finally, I try to provide some inspiration along the way. The how to stuff is great, but without the motivation to implement, not much happens.

The mind is a powerful tool, but we all need encouragement to channel all that energy in the right direction.  

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