Why You Should NOT Go to School (Part 1)

Tonight I wrote a 1,500 word blog post with the above title that was originally supposed to include this wonderful speech by Erica Goldson.  Instead I decided to break it up into two parts because it was just getting too long.  I’m posting this speech first because both Erica’s speech and my blog post are controversial, but Erica just graduated high school, whereas I graduated almost 20 years ago. Reading Erica’s speech with her perspective, sets the ground work for my experience that I will share in a week or two.

Our messages are similar, although from different perspectives.  But the major difference between Erica and I, is that she is much smarter than I. She figured this out and could articulate it at a much younger age than I did, and thus, she will excel at whatever path she chooses, much faster as well. Very, very few people ever figure this out. Erica figured it at a very young age. Enjoy Erica’s high school valedictorian speech it will blow you away.

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Double Your Income: How to Earn $150,000 an hour

Have you ever wondered why some people earn huge checks, while others live in poverty?

It is a small thing that makes the difference.

And the good part is that everyone can do that small thing.

There is a huge disparity of wages throughout the world.  Minimum wages range on low end of cents per hour in the poorest of countries, to the $8 per hour minimum wages in United States. 

On the other end of the spectrum attorneys and other professionals earn around $300 per hour or more.

And at the very far end of the bell curve are the celebrities you can hire for obscene, but justifiable amounts of money.

So what differentiates these high paid people from the low paid and how can you immediately increase your own earnings?

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The Secret Psychology to Growing Your Business on Facebook

People do business with experts they know, like, and trust.  The challenge for you as a business owner is making that happen, with enough people, efficiently.

Your best customers will always come by referrals  but this can be rather slow and often reactive, instead of proactive. 

Instead of waiting, you may turn to networking or other passive advertising that can suck your life away, unless you really enjoy those events–which I do not.

If you are just starting out,  advertising funds are probably scarce which makes it difficult to get your message to enough for people.

On the other hand, if you have an established business, you may not have enough time interest to attend networking events meetings.

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Chuck Rylant MBA Graduation Speech

Today I’m sharing the speech I gave to the Cal Poly MBA graduating class of 2007. I was honored my class invited me to speak so it was a special moment in my life. Reading this speech brought back some memories, both good and bad.

Within the week of my graduation, I lost my mother to cancer and my son was born a few days later. It was a very emotional time in my life.  Maybe I will share more about those experiences later, but for now, here is my speech:

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