Why Take the Risk of Traveling? My Kidnapping Experience.

I walked out of the terminal with my backpack tightly clinched across my chest to ward off the criminals.

I read the travel guides. I saw Man on Fire. Kidnapping was my real fear.

That’s why I decided to skip Mexico City (pics). Instead I was heading to Cuernavaca, but to get there, I had to take a bus through the capital which had the second highest kidnapping statistic in Latin American.

But, Mexico City was not where it happened.

We pulled up to the bus stop and I re‐read the warning from my travel guide:

Do NOT take the green taxis. The yellow cabs are safe.”

That seemed simple enough — until I got off the bus at midnight and a line of green taxis was all that was waiting for me.

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Sell Everything, Travel the World, Pablo Escobar and Colombia

The group met in Napa Valley with people coming from all over the world. Naturally, we shared where we were from when we introduced ourselves.

I’m homeless and everything I own fits in a small suitcase.”

I wasn’t sure if she was serious or kidding. Turns out she was only half joking.

Her story is fascinating.

I met Antonia Lo Giudice through Tim Ferriss—the author of the 4 Hour Work Week—when he gathered a small group of authors in Napa to exchange ideas about writing and marketing. Continue reading “Sell Everything, Travel the World, Pablo Escobar and Colombia”