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   “I was scattered and lost. I kept getting distracted by the next “shiny object” that was supposed to make the difference for my business. Chuck helped me to get focused. He shared exactly what worked for him and together we created an action plan to help me get to the next level. Every top performer needs a good coach. If you want to go to the next level, I highly recommend Chuck as your coach.”

Dean Mignola, Small Business Jumpstart Specialist


“I was struggling with how to save in my personal finances because something else was always more important. The one on one session with Chuck really focused me on exactly where I needed to start and his practical advise put me on the track to success! I cannot express enough how amazing Chuck’s help is! Try it and you will be making the best decision of this year!”

Treonne Perkins, Manager


  “When struggling with a business decision I turned to Chuck for help. As a small business owner I’ve come across many different situations, but in this particular case I was unsure of what to do. Chuck provided a trusting ear and thoughtful, experienced driven suggestions. He guided me by asking questions that allowed me to come to my own conclusions about what would be best for my business and for me. I cannot recommend Chuck highly enough!” 

Lisa Albon, Social Media Consultant


  “I highly recommend Chuck if you are looking for help with your finance. Most financial advisors cater their advice to their own values, but Chuck helps you evaluate your own values and gives you tools to manage your money around them. Chuck makes managing your money easy to commit to. It is obvious that Chuck is passionate about helping his clients.”

Mike McGehee, Police Sergeant 


  “Chuck has a lot of insight on the plight of the human condition. His perspective is well reasoned and his advice – on all things life – is incredibly insightful.”

Jenn Karpetian, Attorney 



  “Within the first hundred pages of the Social Media Marketing Toolkit, I already had ideas that I could use to immediately grow my business. It’s one of those that made me break out the highlighter, scribble a bunch of notes, and gave me confidence that I could successfully use social media to expand my business.  I can’t wait to try all great social marketing tips.”

Joseph Callinan,MBA,CPA


  “Chuck’s Marketing Blueprint is probably the most comprehensive block of material available. He truly shows you marketing strategies from beginner level to advance techniques. Anyone receiving this training, no matter what level you are at, will take something away from the material.

  Chuck shows you a broad spectrum of strategies from the age old time proven methods to some of the latest new age concepts, like social media. These strategies are diverse and adaptable to whatever your field is. I am book author and I am currently using many of the strategies Chuck delivers in my marketing campaign. The material is awesome.”

Rob Morris, Author of Decoding Your Past: A guide to happiness and success through self-understanding


  “Chuck Rylant’s Complete Marketing Blueprint is one of the most comprehensive, current and insightful training programs you will find. It’s filled to the brim with relevant examples and recommended technologies for whatever demographic you are marketing to and for whatever industry you are in.

  For someone like me who had a minimal marketing background, I am thrilled to “graduate” from Chuck’s Marketing Boot Camp with a complete direct marketing system, including a web page and an automated lead follow-up system, all of which were created by me based on what I learned in the training.

  I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to take action to make their business grow.”

Greg Pierce,Pierce Financial Strategies, LLC


  “If you’re looking for a step by step breakdown on how to market your business, this course is for you. Chuck does a great job not only teaching you how to market your business, but also provides real world examples and results of businesses that have successfully adopted this approach.

  You will be challenged to think differently and provided you accept that challenge, the idea creation you’ll experience alone makes the course a great investment. Well worth the price of admission as this course quickly pays for itself.”

Brian Plain,Financial Planner