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“I always forget that I am signed up for the newsletter, but when it comes in the mail, its a nice surprise. Your letters are great at breaking up the monotony, and even though I’m just reading your words, its great to hear from someone that is straightforward and makes complete sense. Each letter has something that resonates with me and Helps me out in dealing with whatever type of confrontation I may be in. Especially Jan 2019, I often find myself acting before I have the opportunity to think, your explanation why brings a little clarity as to why.” 
Gordon Williams

Thank you for the continued insight. Each newsletter has managed to sum up my current business affairs and hardships in a clear and concise manner. I’ve never been married but I do have a business partner and each and every time I read one of your newsletters I can’t wait to bring it to him to discuss the principles you have defined.

You are basically taking my complex and scattered thoughts and putting them into a clear and simple set of words that are worth discussing as my scattered thoughts alone are not. I like that you offer examples and make arguments based in experience and not in theory, and although some of the concepts are simple you really cut some meat on things that cause large problems and can and do change people’s trajectory both personally and in business in a dramatic way. 

Aaron Stireman, CEO, The Moving Experience, LLC