Temper Tantrums – Is It Worth The Battle?

My son has discovered the power of the temper tantrum. Since when did he get an opinion? He is only 1½ years old! In the last few weeks he has decided to throw a fit whenever he doesn’t get his way.

And I don’t mean a little fit. I mean a huge one; screaming, crying and the occasional flopping around like a fish out of water.

I admit I’m impressed with his tenacity, but it sure wears on Mom and Dad’s patience.

I was warned of the “terrible twos.” And since he is only 1½, I assume he’s more advanced than most children (doesn’t every parent think this). The alternative is to expect it will get worse. The other night, Wyatt and I were home alone while Heather (Mom) was at the movies with Victoria (daughter) for a girls’ night out.

Wyatt decided he really NEEDED to have the bottle of coffee creamer from the refrigerator. I gave it to him because it wasn’t worth the battle, until he discovered how to open it.

Obviously an open bottle of coffee creamer with a toddler is a giant mess waiting to happen. When I took it away the tantrum began. He began his new routine of screaming and crying, but I held strong! I was determined not to give in because the “experts” say that would encourage his behavior.

I went through my new routine of trying to distract him with toys, feeding him and ultimately offering him sugar. When my offer of candy failed, I knew I was in trouble. My last hope for sanity was to put him in the crib and let him wear himself out.

The energy that boy has is incredible! He continued in the crib until I could not take it anymore. I finally had to admit (reluctantly) that Mom is better at these things than I. I sent her text messages in the movies begging for help.

After no response from Mom (she later said the phone died). hmmm. I gave in. I admit it, Wyatt won the battle. I emptied the coffee creamer into a Tupperware container and gave him the empty bottle.  Finally we had peace again.

So was it worth the battle? I don’t know. I will probably have this parenting thing down by the time he is 30.

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