You, My Next Success Story? A Dream Tropical Island Excursion

This July I’m taking two motivated people to the remote tropical paradise—Isla Mujeres.

The invitation will go to several thousand, but only the first two qualified people will go. And frankly, it won’t be appropriate for most of you.

Regardless, today I’m going to share a secret how you can affordably take more vacations, travel, and build more freedom into your life, so be sure to read all the way to the end.

Isla Mujeres is one of my favorite escapes. It’s probably one of the last remaining affordable tropical paradises not overrun by tourists.

One reason my family loves it is because our kids can play in the crystal clear, calm beach, while we sip margaritas. What’s unique is the shore is only a few feet deep stretching over a hundred yards out. The kids can entertain themselves for hours without us worrying about them in the water.

There are few places families can travel together where everyone enjoys it at the same time. If you have little ones, you know what I mean.

Before I tell you too much about paradise, let’s first get some work done. In a minute, I will share how you can come on the trip.

The Top 5%

Populations divide into statically consistent groups. There is always the top 5% who are the richest, happiest, most successful, etc., regardless of the values you measure.

The other group, the majority, is generally unhappy, but not willing to do anything to change. However, the smart minority is always working to improve themselves. Not everyone wants to be in the top 5%, but many wisely want to improve from their current position.

For example, your income goals may not match Donald Trump or Warren Buffet’s, but your income can double or quadruple by modeling them. 

The fastest way to build wealth, or your business, is to model the top 5%. It’s so simple, yet few do it

I’ve been studying success stories for most of my life and the rewards have been nothing less than incredible. It’s foolish to reinvent the wheel, repeating mistake after mistake, when someone else can shorten your learning curve.

I’ve found a consistent pattern—the three pillars that build the foundation of all high level people.

The Three Pillars of Success


A distinct difference between millionaires and the middle class is Clarity of Purpose. Before we can achieve success in any area, we have to be crystal clear what outcome we want. This sounds simple in theory, but without clarity, the next two pillars will not work either.

The three reasons we lack clarity:

  1. Internally we seek one thing, but society, teachers, media, parents, etc. influence us to believe we should want something else. This conflict leads to inaction.
  2. Not setting time aside to evaluate what you really want.
  3. Lack of information. Not knowing what other options are available.


Only when you have absolute clarity can you focus on the one thing that will have the greatest impact. When you channel your mental and physical energy into a very narrow target, you will achieve more in one year than in the past 10 years combined.

People who operate at peak productivity are ruthless about time management. Eliminating distractions is critical to your success. Distractions come in two forms, each equally destructive.

  1. Physical interruptions: Answering incoming calls, employees, emails, etc.
  2. Mental distractions: You can’t mentally focus all day due to negative news you read checking email first thing in the morning.

That’s why when you change your environment you can get so much done quickly. It’s also why I leave the country each time I write a book or create a new product.


The top 5% get a lot done fast. The 95% talk about doing things, but rarely take action. Success comes from getting results far and above what the remaining 95% achieve.

The reason we are able to take massive action and implement without delay or excuses is by being decisive. You would think that dwelling on ideas and carefully contemplating options would lead to better decisions. It usually doesn’t.

There is fascinating research suggesting that our first instinct is often better than our perspective after careful deliberation. Read the Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink if you’re intrigued by this topic.

The top 5% make decisions quickly. This allows them to implement more things more often and then adjust based on outcomes. In contrast, the 95% are slow gathering information and spend inordinate time making decisions.

By delaying action, they feel they are taking less risk. This is flawed logic, because each delayed decision, is another missed opportunity.

Be decisive.

Now let me shift gears for a moment and tell you about the island trip as promised, and don’t miss the tip about how to get your vacations paid for.

One of my greatest talents is dissecting patterns, extracting what matters, and eliminating waste. This is how I create streamlined, easy to follow models that get fast results.

I’ve made a career of doing this with personal finance and marketing, which many view as different topics, but in reality they are the same. When you break those subjects down to their simplest form, they are both tools to manage money more efficiently to improve your life.

Working with people one-on-one is where I’m most effective helping people reach their potential in the shortest time, but these days I don’t have time to do much private coaching. Secondly, it’s difficult for people to focus and implement in between the everyday distractions of life.

That’s why I’m going to take two people away from their mundane, stressful environment so we can gain clarity, get focused, and take action.

What is this?

You and I will spend two days, maybe more, on the island in intense one-on-one work sessions. We will meet three hours each day, for two days, to focus on results. We will be working, but when your office is the sand, sun, and water (and maybe margaritas), it’s hardly work.

Who is this for?

This is for professionals and/or entrepreneurs who want one of two things.

  1. Build a complete marketing system for your business that magnetically attracts clients.


  1. Set up your money and investments on autopilot to build wealth the way the top 5% do
Look how amazing the shallow water on the beach is. It’s shallow for 100 yards out.


How to get your travel paid

The more I experiment with lifestyle design, the more I realize the secret to enjoying a passionate life is to blur the lines between work and play. 

The poverty mindset we learn from school, employers, and others with hidden agendas, is to slave away the majority of our lives working and only squeezing in the OCCASIONAL one to two week long escapes each year. This is insanity.

The 5% do things differently. They exploit every ethical and legal advantage handed to them that others simply ignore. Surprisingly, one of those gifts is the ‘generosity’ of the IRS code in the United States that allows you to deduct or expense business travel. This is VERY powerful if you exploit it.

Let’s say hypothetically you are in the 35% tax bracket, which is very common here in California. Theoretically, if you could expense your “vacation” as a legal business expense, you would only spend $650 to take a $1,000 vacation.

In other words, if you could get a $500 plane ticket to your favorite destination for only $325, would you jump all over that?

Of course you would. It would be crazy not to.

Well this is exactly how it works when you combine business travel with pleasure. The rules are very complex (would you expect less from the IRS?) but it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the rules and/or talking with your tax advisor.

Here’s what you’re going to get

During the month of July, we will meet privately in two half day sessions on the beach to build your systems. It will be just you and I working and getting stuff done. It will be relaxing and enjoyable, but we will be working.

We will meet in the first part of the day leaving you time to explore the island on your own or frolic in the sun and sand with your family in the afternoon.

You will also get:

BONUS #1 We will meet by phone or Skype for one hour prior to the trip to get started. We will use this time to lay out a plan so our time on the island is most productive.

BONUS # 2 After we return from the island, we will meet again on Skype or phone for another hour to wrap up any lose ends and make sure you are implementing everything we started.

BONUS #3 For the business owners looking to build or improve their marketing system, you will receive a complimentary copy of my popular Social Media Marketing Toolkit. A system designed to attract clients leveraging online social networks instead of slogging through painful networking events.

BONUS #4 Business owners will also receive access to my Complete Marketing Boot Camp online training. This is some of my best training to date, streamlined to help you build a system from the ground up that magnetically attracts the right clients.

BONUS #5 For those who want to build their personal finance system, you will receive access to my Investing to Build Wealth and Freedom online training, which will be released soon.

Here’s what to do next

If this has sparked your curiosity, here’s the next step. We need to schedule a brief 15 minute call. I have a few simple questions I need to ask to make sure you’re qualified. Basically I need to make sure I can help you reach your goals and that we are a good fit.

By “good fit” I mean, we are going to be working privately in a very cool place, and I’ve got to screen out any weirdos. I’m sure you agree.

Second, I want to be able to answer any questions you have.

To schedule our call, click HERE and you will leave a $500 good faith deposit. (This is to make sure you are serious). Then after our call, if we both agree it’s for you, the remaining payment of $1,995 will be due immediately following our call to secure your spot.

If after we talk, either of us decides this intensive coaching is not a good fit, I will promptly refund your deposit with no hassle.

You don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t you just need exactly this right now?


Why should I do this?”

Three reasons.

  1. You need a rational “excuse” to take your family on an amazing trip where some of the costs may be tax deductible
  2. You need a justifiable “excuse” to take a break from your family where you can focus and get very important work done.
  3. You’re ready to take your business or finances to the next level.

What will our meetings be like?”

Great question. The fun of this is that since it will be just you and I, we will make the rules as we go. Meaning, if you want to build your system sitting under an umbrella with adult beverages and the ocean two feet away, we will.

Maybe you’d prefer to work in the hotel lobby or bar—we can even work on a boat if you want. Everything is fair game (except a suit and tie). No matter what, it’s going to be kick ass and fun.

That said, we will be working and getting stuff done. If you tend to wonder off mentally and want to goof off, like it or not, I will hold you to getting things done during our meetings on the island.

There will be no suits and ties. In fact, I will be in board shorts and flip flops. If that’s uncomfortable, you won’t enjoy this intensive training.

What about travel arrangements?”

I will connect you to an excellent property manager who will hook you up with an awesome beach front condo on the island—if that’s what you want. There are many other options and my assistant and/or I will help point you in the right direction.

I’ve spent months in this area and know my way around. You can even stay in Cancun if you want and take a boat to the island each day. Your options in tropical paradise are unlimited.

How much is the flight and lodging?”

There are so many options, and because I don’t know what you and your family (if they are coming) prefer, so I realized it’s best that you have the freedom to pick what’s right for you. With that in mind, there are too many variables give you an estimate.

That said, I purposely picked this island because it is relatively inexpensive compared to similar places around the world with tropical beaches.

What are the exact dates?”

As of today, the dates in July are flexible. Since I only have time to work with the first one or two motivated people, we can coordinate together the best dates based on our schedules and best flight and lodging rates.

Ready to get started?

If you are a highly motivated person, ready to step up to the next level, click HERE to leave your deposit and we will schedule our call. You will leave a $500 good faith deposit. (This is to make sure you are serious). Then after our call, if we both agree this is for you, the remaining payment of $1,995 will be due immediately after to secure your spot.

5 Replies to “You, My Next Success Story? A Dream Tropical Island Excursion”

  1. Hi Chuck.
    I just have a question for you;
    I live in Denmark, can I still join you on the island, if I´m one of the two very lucky people, you decide to work with? Or is it only for people in USA?
    It´s sounds really great. I have just started my own business.
    I did have another business for 7 year, but because of the World´s economy, I was not able to deal whit it, and after 3 year without any salary, I was down on my knees.. and needed to close!
    I have now started a complete new business and it´s a new world for me.
    But I´m a fighter( use to be World Champion in Military Penathlon), so I don´t quit!!.. Well I think you got the question, so hope to hear from you.
    Sincerely, Charlotte Flor Jull

    1. Hi Charlott,

      Great to hear from readers around the world. Your story of persistence is so very, very common among successful entrepreneurs. The most common is Thomas Edison’s 1000 failures before he found the successful light bulb. I love that story. 

      I’m happy to work with you from Denmark on marketing your new business. I would not be as qualified to work in the area of personal finance as the tax laws, etc, are so very different.

      I look forward to talking with you.

  2. Chuck,
    I just watched your interview with David Siteman Garland. I love you story. Very authentic.

    I totally missed this chance to go to Isla Mujeres. But sounds like a place I’d love. I’ve never heard of it. Can you hook me up with the property manager you mentioned above?

    I also subscribed. Looking forward to catching up with you online.


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