About Chuck Rylant

Chuck RylantDr. Chuck J. Rylant is best known for his work as an author, expert witness, college teacher, and a high performance coach. 

Today, Chuck provides high performance coaching on life, personal finance, and marketing through his books, online training, and one-on-one coaching.

Chuck is still a highly sought out consultant and use of force expert witness in homicide trials, which stemmed from his early career as a police officer, detective, and law enforcement trainer.

The theme that connects Chuck’s eclectic list of professional experiences is his passion for life-long learning and coaching others to lead extraordinary lives.

Chuck’s “magic power” it is taking complex subjects and breaking them down into easily understandable lessons that enable his clients shorten their own learning curve and rapidly reach their goals.

This pattern of student to teacher began after he grew up raised on welfare in government housing with dysfunctional parents. Those hardships lit a fire inside of Chuck to find a better way to live.

At the ripe old age of 18, Chuck made his first investment, $1,000 of hard earned money in a technology mutual fund. In hindsight, it was a completely inappropriate investment, but it was an easy sale for a commissioned stockbroker.

Chuck became obsessed with learning about money and investing and wanted to become a stockbroker, but fortunately, he was advised to gain life experience in another field first.

That led Chuck to a career in law enforcement where he was able to do all the exciting things portrayed in actions movies. As a young police officer, Chuck soaked up his share of fights, car chases, undercover narcotics buys, detective work, and kicking in doors on the SWAT team.

As Chuck’s law enforcement career blossomed, he focused on mastering the skills cops need to survive–shooting and fighting. Before long he was teaching other cops the skills he was studying and he quickly became the department firearms and self-defense instructor.

That experience led Chuck to becoming an instructor at the world’s largest firearms training center in Las Vegas, NV, Front Sight Training Institute. Chuck continued developing his teaching skills as he ventured into the business world by opening a private law enforcement training business.

While working as a cop, Chuck earned a bachelor’s degree, and continued studying personal finance for his own investments, but soon he was sharing informal financial planning advice to cops, over the hood of a patrol car.

Those early teaching experiences was were Chuck began honing his craft as a teacher and high performance coach.

Chuck retired from law enforcement and returned to college full time to earn a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). After graduate school, he completed the College for Financial Planning’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER program and a lot of additional training to be “qualified” to offer personal financial planning advice. Chuck is a doctor of clinical psychology where he conducted research in the psychology of police officer use of force decision making.

Since then, Chuck has trained under numerous high level business, marketing, personal finance, and coaching training mentors such as Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Brendon Burchard, and many others.

The formal education provided the foundation that enabled Chuck to open his Fee-Only financial planning pratice, but it wasn’t until he had been married, divorced, remarried with a stepchild, had his own son, experienced the death of a parent, had successful and failed businesses, and worked as a financial advisor with complex real-world families, that he realized what really mattered with money and happiness.

Working with his financial planning clients inspired Chuck to write his first book, “How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to Not Worrying About Money.”

As Chuck built his financial planning practice, he focused on studying business and marketing. Many of his most successful clients also had small businesses which led to the obvious progression of coaching with their business marketing.

The marketing coaching inspired Chuck to write his next book, “How to be Rich: The Small Business Owners Guide to Attracting Customers and Clients.” 

While working with his clients, Chuck discovered that you will live an extraordinary life only when three things are working together–your personal life, your money, and your business.

Today Chuck’s practice has evolved from the traditional financial planning model into high performance coaching model.

Chuck lives on the California Central Coast where his first priority is raising his son, but he always makes time for the ocean, either by surfing or scuba diving. His other passion is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which led to the book “Motivation: Stories on Life and Success from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts.”

Chuck enjoys traveling extensively and sometimes spends months at a time in places like Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, China, and others. 

He rarely takes on new private clients, but occasionally will make room for interesting people that are committed to achieving high performance results in their life.

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