Are You Living the Stress Free Life You Always Wanted?

Just about everyone that comes into my office has the same concern, but rarely do they know what it is.  They frequently ask about retirement plans, taxes, life insurance, debt reduction or any number of other of financial topics.  But when I probe deeper, I find that what they’re really after is something else.

They want more out of life, but just don’t ever seem to get there.

Why do so many people feel they’re not on track to living the life they desire?  It’s because they go through life reacting to daily emergencies instead of proactively creating the life they desire. You must admit that you’re so busy with today’s commitments–work, family and other obligations–that you rarely have time to plan for tomorrow.

Most people make their financial decisions in a similar fashion.  People commonly buy stocks on a whim after a hot tip or invest their 401k assets in the “aggressive” fund because another coworker suggested it was best.

Or they’re sold a life insurance policy as an investment instead of for its intended purpose of replacing income after premature death.  Another reaction is wondering what your tax return will be instead of proactively planning to save taxes.

According to the bestselling author Brian Tracy, only 3% of the population write their goals down.  According to research, that small group is one-thousand times more likely to achieve their goals than the remaining 97% of the population.  Think about that number; a one thousand percent greater chance of getting what you want out of life.  That is an amazing statistic.

So why does writing your goals increases the odds of success? It’s because in order to write them down, they must be crystal clear in your head.  Once you’re clear where you’re going, then you can focus all of your energy into achieving your goals. With crystal clear focus you will no longer react to life’s little emergencies–you’ll simply continue to follow your plan.

Although writing your goals is important, it’s not the point of this article.  In this article I’m suggesting that before you make another financial decision, become clear about what you really want out of life.

Then make sure every investment or major purchase contributes to that lifestyle.  Decide today that you will no longer wander through life reacting and instead become focused on achieving the life you want.

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