August 2019 Q & A

Post your questions in the comments, on any subject, and I will be glad to answer them in the next Q & A.

1. How do you overcome fear?

2. The statement “I was in fear for my life,” is frequently used as a legal defense in police shootings. Soldiers regularly exposed to traumatic events are less triggered or emotionally startled by similar events. This holds true with exposure theory and Exposure Therapy in psychology.

When I hear people say “I was I fear for my life” I question were you really in fear or you simply recognized a potentially dangerous situation. Is fear the qualifying factor that’s needs to be met or the recognition of a dangerous situation?

3. We all die one way or another. Is fear of death the fear of leaving your loved ones, or fear of the afterlife? As a Christian I believe in heaven, God, and seeing my loved ones again. I’m curious of other people’s opinion, even those who are not faith based.

4. These are times I fear my contribution in the world is not all that significant. I realize I’m not making a difference because I’m just a small pawn in a much larger game of chess. How do you manage that?

5. Why is the government not telling the public the truth about aliens in Area 51?

(Watch video or read transcript below)

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