How to be Happy — Success, Money and Happiness

How to be happy

The formula for success is obsolete.

It’s the model that dictates how we’re supposed to live.

We chase success expecting that happiness is on the other end. It’s not.

But if happiness is your focus you will never find it. Happiness cannot be pursued. The more you aim, the more you’ll miss.

Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, but instead a search for love and significance.

In other words, you will find happiness when you find a reason to be happy. Once you find that reason, happiness follows automatically.

The greatest challenge is to find meaning. Here’s how… Continue reading “How to be Happy — Success, Money and Happiness”

3 Vital Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs

personal-financeEntrepreneurs are a different breed.

They’re unique.

Perhaps elite is a fitting word.

They voluntarily go into harm’s way taking risks mere mortals would never dream of doing.

Entrepreneurs creep silently into the night for long hours — often for little pay and no glory.

In the world of business, entrepreneurs are they are the Navy SEALs of the work force. Like the top warriors, entrepreneurs also enjoy a few of the benefits of membership; relaxed grooming standards, flexible hours, and they often get to ditch the uniform.

My analogy is silly, but these two groups share traits the majority of the population does not. They are both minority groups who do not follow and often rebel against authority.

The traits that enable entrepreneurs to achieve great things also attract risk.

Entrepreneurs should not follow the same “rules,” especially when managing money.

Here are three money strategies critical to entrepreneurs. Continue reading “3 Vital Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs”

The Definitive Guide to Investing: 20 years of Investing Experience in 7 Minutes

how the stock market worksDo not invest in the stock market to make money.

If you want more money, start a business, work more hours or increase your earning power with new skills.

Do not be deceived by the allure of making money in the stock market.

It’s not going to happen without improbable luck. You cannot depend on bad odds. Continue reading “The Definitive Guide to Investing: 20 years of Investing Experience in 7 Minutes”

Will You Have Enough to Retire?

Do I have enough to retireIn one minute, you will know how much money you need before you can tell your boss, or customers, to go to hell (or retire).

Even if you never exercise that option, freedom is knowing that you can.

A better description of retirement is “Financial Independence”– meaning you no longer HAVE to work, because your money works for you.

It does not necessarily mean you quit working, but in retirement you choose the kind of work you want to do. Continue reading “Will You Have Enough to Retire?”

Never Be Influenced by Guilt, Obligation or Manipulation


The programming began when you were young.

You’ve been manipulated.

Told to sacrifice.

Taught to avoid self-satisfaction.

Parents, teachers, bosses, spouses, and politicians have told you that what you want is wrong.

They’ve sold you on self-sacrifice to make you a more obedient servant of others.

In other words, they’ve conditioned you to be a damn good slave.

And when you’re obedient the system loves you. When you rebel, there are consequences. Continue reading “Never Be Influenced by Guilt, Obligation or Manipulation”