New Book Release

Most small-business marketing sucks, and if you are willing to be honest, you probably do not have a reliable marketing system that dependably delivers new and returning customers or clients.

Many business owners are floundering when it comes to advertising and marketing because they have never been exposed to the fundamentals of direct response marketing. Many small-business owners and solopreneurs struggle as they repeatedly make the same mistakes. Continue reading “New Book Release”

Your Unconscious Limitations

img_4211We are controlled by unconscious forces that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Regardless how hard we try, it is difficult to understand ourselves because we have no direct access to our unconscious.

Our conscious thoughts are conceived from what we are unconscious of, but that does not stop us from creating a list of reasons for our feelings.

We should, however, be suspicious of these reasons because we fabricate a story about how we feel based on unreliable information.

The narrative we tell ourselves often includes a hint of truth, yet it frequently misrepresents how we actually feel. Continue reading “Your Unconscious Limitations”

How to Profitably Expand Your Business [Part 3 of 3]

lakesmallYour most valuable business asset is probably not what you think.

It’s not your equipment, building, employees or your training, credentials or experience.

All of those are important, but they do not generate income on demand.

Having a quality list is like owning the printing press whenever you need money.

If forced, you could replace your tools, equipment, and even employees overnight, but it takes time to generate a quality list of customers and prospects that know, like and trust you.

Let me show you how. Continue reading “How to Profitably Expand Your Business [Part 3 of 3]”

How to Rapidly Increase Business Profits [Part 2 of 3]

build your businessThe ATM is broken.”

I know,” the teller replied, offering no explanation.

Do you plan to fix it?”

She shrugged with complete indifference.

Maybe I should change banks, but there’s a good chance a new bank will be worse, so I stick with the “devil I know.”

Consumers tolerate more than they should because the alternative could be worse.

Entrepreneurs battle this fear with every new customer we seek. Getting a prospect who does not know you to part with their hard earned money is no easy task.

That’s why it’s relatively easy to sell additional products and services  Continue reading “How to Rapidly Increase Business Profits [Part 2 of 3]”