How to be Above Average

Most think they are above average.

For example, in one survey 94% of college professors claim they do above average work.

Statistically, it is impossible that 94% of any group is above average.

An educated group of college professors should understand the statistical impossibility that all of them are superior, but illusory superiority leads people to believe they are more capable than they really are.

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Your Unconscious Limitations

img_4211We are controlled by unconscious forces that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Regardless how hard we try, it is difficult to understand ourselves because we have no direct access to our unconscious.

Our conscious thoughts are conceived from what we are unconscious of, but that does not stop us from creating a list of reasons for our feelings.

We should, however, be suspicious of these reasons because we fabricate a story about how we feel based on unreliable information.

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How to be Happy — Success, Money and Happiness

How to be happy

The formula for success is obsolete.

It’s the model that dictates how we’re supposed to live.

We chase success expecting that happiness is on the other end. It’s not.

But if happiness is your focus you will never find it. Happiness cannot be pursued. The more you aim, the more you’ll miss.

Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, but instead a search for love and significance.

In other words, you will find happiness when you find a reason to be happy. Once you find that reason, happiness follows automatically.

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Budgeting Sucks — Do This Instead: Regardless If You Earn $50K or $1,000,000

budgeting surf

Budgeting is a lot like dieting.

They both work in theory, but in the real world they are almost worthless.

Surprisingly, the secret to controlling spending is to abandon strict and impossible rules.

And forget the complicated online programs too.

Few people are disciplined enough to track their spending, but more importantly, monitoring expenses does little to change behavior.

If you track your restaurant purchases, for example, and discover you spend $300 a month, what does that tell you? It does not answer how much you value eating out and arbitrary historical numbers do little to modify your spending.

Perhaps the $300 is a frivolous waste, or maybe restaurants are the only place your family gets quality time together. In this case, the $300 a month may be the most important thing you buy. What’s outrageous to some families is insignificant to others.

Instead of boring recording keeping, you need to figure out what is really important to you. Your buying choices when funds are limited is what brings your true values to the surface.

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3 Vital Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs

personal-financeEntrepreneurs are a different breed.

They’re unique.

Perhaps elite is a fitting word.

They voluntarily go into harm’s way taking risks mere mortals would never dream of doing.

Entrepreneurs creep silently into the night for long hours — often for little pay and no glory.

In the world of business, entrepreneurs are they are the Navy SEALs of the work force. Like the top warriors, entrepreneurs also enjoy a few of the benefits of membership; relaxed grooming standards, flexible hours, and they often get to ditch the uniform.

My analogy is silly, but these two groups share traits the majority of the population does not. They are both minority groups who do not follow and often rebel against authority.

The traits that enable entrepreneurs to achieve great things also attract risk.

Entrepreneurs should not follow the same “rules,” especially when managing money.

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