Is the Hunger Games Based on a True Story?

Eerily, The Hunger Games took on a perspective more closely resembling reality than fiction. I first heard of The Hunger Games after the movie was released but had no idea what it was about. I wondered why all the craze.

How can you miss the 6404 5‑star average reviews in Amazon. If you’re a writer, you can’t ignore that. I immediately ordered it having no idea what it was about. Anything that popular must be doing something right and there’s likely something to learn from it–at least from a writing/promotional perspective.

I still hadn’t cracked the book (how do you say that with a Kindle?), but then I read an email from my friend and estate planning attorney Martha Hartney.

I enjoy Martha’s writings because we often share similar views on raising kids. We both question motives behind those who make rules for out kids’ education. Sometimes, you are better off if you do not listen to authority, or at the very least, you ought to consider questioning it. Continue reading “Is the Hunger Games Based on a True Story?”

Spanish Class Rip Off: Is it Worth it?

Average Read Time: 5 minutes

Are Spanish classes the fastest way to learn a new language?  Many people try to learn Spanish and wonder if books, CD’s, college classes or a private tutors are best.  After trying everything to learn Spanish, here is what you need to consider before investing your time and/or money in a Spanish college class or private lessons.

After I finished my MBA several years ago, I had two feelings: first was the satisfaction of finally completing my education and earning some initials after my name to stroke my ego a bit.  Second, was a bit of dissappointment Continue reading “Spanish Class Rip Off: Is it Worth it?”

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