Attention Entrepreneurs:

What Every Small Business Owner
Ought to Know About… Acquiring Clients

The Greatest Gold Mine of Business Building Secrets Ever Shared

From the desk of:
Chuck J. Rylant, MBACFP®
Monday morning:

Chuck RylantDear Friend,

If you’re interested in attracting new clients to your business, then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read!

Imagine if your business earned the solid income you deserve… with a realistic marketing system that consistently attracts clients you enjoy working with and provides the lifestyle you and your family dream of.

I’m sharing everything I do and that has worked for me, so please don’t skip any of this.

Imagine …

No more sleepless nights wondering where your next customer will come from.

No more arguments with loved ones about your business or money.

No more investing in the latest “must have” program that turns out to be money in the trash.

No more wondering when you’re finally going to see some serious income from the business you’ve worked so hard at.

No more wishful thinking.

I’m finally sharing my proven blueprint with only a few handpicked entrepreneurs, but first let me tell you a little about how this came to be.

I’m Chuck Rylant and I’ve tried everything, but there is only one system that gave me the business and freedom I wanted.

I know how hard it is. I’ve had the sleepless nights…

…invested in the $10,000.00 coaching programs (plural), bought the books and tapes, worked with the private coaches, lost a ton of money in business mistakes and even earned the coveted MBA in marketing…

… but it wasn’t until discovered this system that I figured out how to build a successful business that lets me transform my customers’ lives while I still enjoy free time for my family and passions.

I’m living proof that almost anyone can build a successful business. Today my businesses continue to grow … mostly on autopilot, while I enjoy surfing, scuba diving and exotic travel with my family.

And I didn’t have an inside track or a background in sales, marketing or entrepreneurship. I’m still stunned because I never thought I’d own my own business — let alone achieve success without  giving up my family time.

Detecting Success, One Clue At A Time

I’m Chuck Rylant. For 15 years, I was a police officer, detective and on a SWAT team where I developed a unique set of skills.

I’m very good at cutting through the clutter to discover the secrets. That was my job in literally life and death situations and naturally that gave me an edge that I’m going to share with you.

When I retired from law enforcement and built my first business, I explored many resources.

Lots of people promised I would earn a 7‑figure income with no work. Others wanted to sell me overly complex bright shiny online tools that would twist my brain and take months to learn.

Here’s where my background as a detective really paid off. I could sense that many of these offers were unrealistic. I knew there had to be a simple system that would tie everything together.

Over time, I picked up tips from different “experts.” I spent many hours and dollars testing to see what would bring results and what would drain my bank account without returning value.

Other businesses owners started asking me how they could do the same. “If a blue collar police officer could do it,” they said, “I probably could too!”

In a moment, I’m going to show you how you can too. Stick with me for a moment; you’ll be glad you did.

Can you relate to these scenarios:

– “I am completely overwhelmed with everything that’s out there — I get frustrated because I’m not sure where to start.”

– “I am confused about how to invest my time: social media, blogging, writing a website, and going to networking meetings.”

– “I am uncomfortable with sales and marketing and dislike approaching prospects and trying to convert them into clients.”

– “I’ve tried a LOT of marketing tactics and nothing worked. The whole thing seems hopeless.”

– “I work REALLY hard and little seems to move my business forward as fast as I need it to.”

We’ve all been there.

When I started, I was like most struggling business owners. I was SURE that I just had to work harder and more hours. 

How wrong I was.

I wasn’t ready to accept what everyone else was doing – boring networking meeting and other nonsense. There had to be a better way.

As a former police detective, I’ve learned one thing: The answers are usually simple — you just have to find them.

And sure enough, setting up a business doesn’t call for a genius brain, a magic spell, or an advanced degree … just a few honest truths that are so simple, you’ll wonder why everybody is wasting thousands of dollars and months of your lives doing it wrong.


The Complete Marketing Blueprint™”

A system SO simple the gurus don’t want you to know about it.

Now you can get access to the same system I continue to use to build my own successful businesses. 

And I’ve made it even easier. You don’t have to go through the pain and suffering, trial and error, or make the same mistakes I did.

The Complete Marketing Blueprint™ is …

Just a few examples of what you will discover:

How a really ugly business card, created in 5 minutes, drew over 100 qualified prospects to a fitness website

Two client attraction actions that are more powerful than paid advertising (and cost nothing)

A simple 3‑step process to capture leads offline

A template you can use to set up your opt-in squeeze page (so you capture hundreds of qualified leads)

How to create a “quick and dirty” website in 5 minutes without paying a dime to a webmaster

8 ways to follow up your leads and create lucrative relationships

A simple formula to create events that deliver hungry clients to your office

3 simple ways to set up a sales process that converts clients

The insider’s guide to getting customers to up-sell (“they want fries with that”)

3 models of the sales process (and how to decide which one makes sense for you)

How to use application forms to motivate prospects (and help you choose clients who will WANT to work with you)

3 essential components of a compelling offer (even veteran marketers often miss at least one)

How to transform your evergreen product into a hot “must have today” event

How I accidentally created a frenzy among buyers with just one sentence in a flyer (and you will learn how to do this on purpose)

How to get your ideal clients by promoting you as a trusted expert (not a salesperson)

5 steps to magnetize qualified leads for your business

Why most advice about choosing a niche will cost you business (and how to create your own strategy, online or offline)

How people REALLY make buying decisions (and how to avoid the most common assumptions, which are dead wrong)

5 ways to create content FAST (even if you’ve got a full schedule and no time to write)

A surprising and creative way to reach prospects who refuse to use the Internet

What you can learn from studying the dating market (even if you’re a happily married business owner selling plumbing supplies)


The Complete Marketing Blueprint™

Based on the closely guarded proven system I use in my businesses and only share with my private clients.

Your blueprint includes:

CMB imac smallInstant access to 6 hands-on, step-by-step online training webinars.

I will walk you step-by-step through the entire system so you won’t need to guess or wonder if you’ve got it right. 

I’m not holding anything back. You’ll learn exactly how to customize it for your unique business.

paperbackstack smallBy U.S.P.S. Priority two day mail, you will receive the 6 comprehensive module manual that accompanies the video training so you won’t have to take notes. 

Everything is broken down in a simple, no fluff package so you can refer back to specific sections on an as-needed basis.


Plus 3 FREE Bonuses ONLY to the next 10 entrepreneurs.

You would have to be insane to skip Bonus #1:

Complementary Bonus #1:

VIP Private Fast Start Session” with Chuck J. Rylant, MBA, CFP® One full 45 minute one-on-one, private, fast implementation coaching session with Chuck Rylant via phone or Skype to help you save time and get on track fast. ($297 value)

Complementary Bonus #2:

The “High Powered Marketing Mindset” online training. Get the key to getting results from your business and overcoming obstacles. Most business owners hold themselves back (at least some of the time). 

Now you will be able to harness your motivation and move smoothly to develop a truly profitable business. This training alone will probably be the most important business training you will ever have. ($149 value)

Complementary Bonus #3:

Copywriting That Sells” online training. Copywriting is the single most important skill you need to survive and thrive as a business marketer. Your sales will soar when you discover just a few techniques and guidelines. 

Dr. Cathy Goodwin, my exclusive copywriter, has a gift for explaining these strategies so you will get on track to get more customers and more revenue, faster than you believed possible.( $149 value)

Ready to start growing your business? 

Click here to lock in your limited spot and get started with the Complete Marketing Blueprint™ and start transforming your business immediately.

Here’s what you will be learning in this first-ever exciting blueprint.

Module 1: Overview of the exact system I use in my business

You’ll discover

– how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to create a compelling marketing blueprint.

– why this blueprint delivers customers for almost any business

– how to avoid getting distracted (and going broke) with resources and tools you don’t need 

– how to start getting clients right away (even before your marketing gets going)

– how to save thousands of dollars when you create your own website (and why you may not need a website right away)

Module 2: Simplifying Your Sales System For Results

– a step-by-step guide customized for big-ticket and small-ticket offers (and when each offer makes the most sense)

– 5 straightforward steps anyone can use to sign more customers or clients (without an elaborate program or process)

– a blueprint to write a sales letter that brings you revenue (and motivates clients to take action FAST)

– a proven formula for beginning a relationship with prospective clients (and don’t be surprised if many of them sign up right away, so you get results fast)

– a walk-through of how to create a website that delivers revenue (with examples of websites that helped my own businesses gain more revenue than I’d ever expected)

– behind the scenes of a successful offer (and steps you can take to create your own)

– insider tips for successful events — live, online, or offline

Module 3: Building Lead Attracting Content FAST

– a creative way to reach your niche (and my own formula for getting inside your prospects’ heads so you can target precisely what they want)

– surprisingly fast ways to generate high-quality content that attracts prospects like bees to honey

– 5 best ways to implement content to generate leads

– how to use your blog most effectively to attract your ideal clients and spend less time writing content

– creating the bait you need to land the “big fish” of your ideal clients

Module 4: Capturing the Leads You’ve Generated

This module introduces you to the single most important step in the marketing process — building your list.

Your list is the most valuable asset of your business.

– How to transform leads into live prospects (so you can begin building a relationship)

– Why you need a targeted list (and my proven system to create one)

– Insider tips to follow up with qualified leads

– Exactly what information to capture from subscribers and sign-ups for maximum response

– Template and model of a landing page that attracts opt-ins like crazy

– Secrets of creating a giveaway that your website visitors will find irresistible

– A really sneaky (but totally ethical way) to get more sign-ups from your home page

– The most efficient, economical resources to capture leads

– Everything you need to know about implementing a WordPress website (this information alone will repay your entire investment in this program)

Module 5: — What you MUST do to build relationships with follow-up messages

This step is the second most important step in your marketing blueprint, second only to building your list.

– How to build trust so prospects feel comfortable hiring you right away

–Surprising ways to inspire prospects to work with you by appealing to their emotions

– How to enhance your reputation (and command higher fees) by promoting your expertise and uniqueness

– How to move buyers to “yes” more quickly by educating them about the benefits of your services

– How to promote yourself with complete professionalism (so you motivate prospects to take action instead of just enjoying your free advice)

– How to get referrals from your existing clients

– 3 types of calls to action (and when each one will be most effective)

Module 6: Pulling the Trigger. Launching your New Marketing System

– Six proven ways to attract traffic

– 5 ways to get traffic through live speaking engagements

– How to choose networking events that really pay off in lead generation (and skip the time-wasters)

– The one thing you MUST do when you attend trade shows and networking events

– How to avoid the most common expensive mistakes when you use direct mail

– How to transform your social marketing from a time sink to an income generator

Okay, Chuck, this sounds really great! How do I get started?”

Good question. In my own businesses, I am very sensitive to Return on Investment. You need to be sure you are making a wise decision.

First, you should NOT invest in this Blueprint if you’re looking for magic or for a get rich quick scam. 

You will save lots of time and money because you will learn from my experience, research, training, and mistakes, but you will need action and commitment to make this Blueprint work for you. 

It works if you work it.

Yes — I am ready to trade struggle for success.”

If you are serious about growing a successful business to support you and your family, you need to get your hands on this Blueprint. You will learn more in less time for a fraction of what you’d pay struggling to figure it out on your own for months … even years. 

This is a streamlined system designed to get you up and running fast without the fluff.

Here’s the challenge”

How do I put a price tag on years of struggle and literally $100,000’s of dollars in training, coaching, testing and mistakes? How much is it worth to shave all that time and frustration off your learning curve so you are immediately up to speed? 

How much is it worth to discover a system that magnetically attracts clients; a system you can use for the rest of your life. Conceivably this is worth Hundreds of Thousands of dollars, but I don’t want to sound unrealistic. 

What is the lifetime value of learning a client attraction system that you will use the rest of your life? Don’t you agree that a very conservative investment of $2,500 to $3,500 is more than reasonable, given what it will return to you during your lifetime?

However, I am NOT asking you to invest you $3500, $997 or even $797. I want you to get an immediate return on your investment and then I know I will have you as a customer for life. I enjoy working with friends like you and want to see you succeed. That’s why your investment (when you take action today) is only $397. $297

Ready to SAVE $100 TODAY

orange_nextstepClick here to get started

But this GUARANTEED system is essentially FREE….

…because you get this client attraction system for the same investment my private clients pay for a single hour of private business consulting (which is included with the package). That makes the marketing system essentially FREE

But when you implement this system, it won’t cost you money, it will make you money (GUARANTEED). That is better than free.

And it’s 100% GUARANTEED 

blue-guaranteeI only want happy and successful lifetime clients. I am so confident in this system that I provide you a No Games, No Gimmicks, No Hassle money back guarantee. 

No one has ever returned this system, but in the unlikely event you are not absolutely thrilled, you can return the Complete Marketing Blueprint™ in re-sellable condition within one year (365 days) for a prompt and courteous refund. 

This is an extremely generous return policy based on mutual trust. I look forward to a mutually beneficial, life-time relationship with my clients, so you can trust I will honor my word and I trust you are honorable and will not unfairly take advantage of my guarantee. 

Imagine a full and thriving practice”

You have nothing to lose by trying it. And imagine if it works. Visualize how your life will be with a system that works and fills your practice. What will you do with the extra income and all of the happy clients that you are able to help change their lives? 

But don’t take my word for it…

brian-imageIf you’re looking for a step by step breakdown on how to market your business, this course is for you. Chuck does a great job not only teaching you how to market your business, but also provides real world examples and results of businesses that have successfully adopted this approach.

You will be challenged to think differently and provided you accept that challenge, the idea creation you’ll experience alone makes the course a great investment. Well worth the price of admission as this course quickly pays for itself.”

Brian Plain —


rob-2Chuck’s Marketing Blueprint is probably the most comprehensive marketing system available. He truly shows you marketing system that will work regardless if you are beginner or advance marketing expert. Any business owner receiving this training, no matter what level you are at, will see their business grow if they follow the simple steps.

Chuck shows you a broad spectrum of strategies from the age old time proven methods to some of the latest new age concepts like social media. These strategies are diverse and adaptable to whatever your field is. I am book author and I am currently using many of the strategies Chuck delivers in my marketing campaign.

The training is awesome.”

Rob MorrisAuthor of “Decoding Your Past: A guide to happiness and success through self-understanding”


Chuck Rylant’s Complete Marketing Blueprint is one of the most comprehensive, current and insightful training programs you will find. It’s filled to the brim with relevant examples and recommended technologies for whatever demographic you are marketing to and for whatever industry you are in.

For someone like me who had a minimal marketing background, I am thrilled to “graduate” from Chuck’s Marketing Boot Camp with a complete direct marketing system, including a web page and an automated lead follow-up system, all of which were created by me based on what I learned in the training.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to take action to make their business grow.”

Greg Pierce — Pierce Financial Strategies, LLC

This package includes a complimentary, private fast start consultation with me. I have limited free slots and have to limit this generous offer to the next 10 entrepreneurs.

 You’ve got nothing to lose and imagine the personal pride and enjoyment that comes from being able to build a marketing system that attracts clients on demand and fills your practice.

I’m looking forward to working with you and watching your business skyrocket.


Chuck Rylant

Chuck J. Rylant, MBACFP®

P.S. I have one last question. 

A turning point in my career was when I realized that it was as important to work on your business as it is to work in your business. In other words, it is equally important to discover how to acquire clients as it is to help them.

Is today the day that you get serious about marketing your business? 

If not now, when?