David and Sebastian — page 2

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Let me tell share some traits that explain how Sebastian thinks.


  • Takes pride in how hard he works as he reacts to the endless chaos
  • Feels like the weight of the world on his shoulders
  • Feels he is the only one capable of getting things done because employees are unreliable
  • Sees himself as an expert in his trade but does not prioritize marketing
  • Works in his business but not on his business
  • Is reluctant to seek advice
  • Procrastinates because he is burned out
  • Operates within his comfort zone
  • Is looking for the next magic bullet
  • Chases, or is waiting for, his next customer
  • Always feels overwhelmed
  • Does not make time to read business books
  • Is an opportunity seeker
  • Is worried about money
  • Feels frantically busy but never works from a plan
  • Swings for home runs
  • Jumps from one new idea to the next

I know Sebastian well because I was just like him when I first started in business. 

Many of the traits that led to Sebastian’s past successes are now holding him back. 

That might be true for you as well. 

I will explain what I mean in a moment, but first, I want to make clear that if you identify with Sebastian in any way, you shouldn’t worry.

Instead, you can feel a sense of relief, because the truth is you’ve been working harder than you need to for a fraction of the results you deserve.

And it’s not your fault, because until this moment, no one has probably revealed what I’m about to show you.

The way I see it, there are two diametrically opposed ways of thinking about building a business and making money, but before I explain, let me first introduce you to David.

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