David and Sebastian

I’m going to share a short story about two business owners, one named David, the other named Sebastian.

What’s interesting about these two business owners is the distinctly different paths they chose and where those paths took them.

Sebastian did what most business owners do, but David took an unusual approach to business. As a result, David thrived, but Sebastian barely scraped by.

No matter how hard Sebastian worked, he couldn’t seem to break through and reach the level he was striving for.

Just like Sebastian, David had struggled, but then he discovered something that very few business owners ever find. 

In a minute, I will tell you exactly what David found, but first let me tell you a little about Sebastian.

Sebastian works hard. He is ambitious and is in business for all the right reasons. You might even relate to Sebastian. Maybe not exactly, but probably closely enough to understand him.

Sebastian started his small business after he was already successful in his trade, though for our story, it doesn’t matter whether Sebastian was a doctor, a mechanic, or an architect. 

The point is, he was a good practitioner of his craft and enjoyed his work until … he opened his own company.

One of the reasons Sebastian went out on his own was because he despised the incompetence of managers and the bureaucracy that comes with working for large corporations.

Sebastian was an entrepreneur at heart, so conforming to the drudgery of office politics was more than he could handle. 

And Sebastian thought he could have a greater impact on his customers and clients if he hung out his own shingle. 

When Sebastian opened shop, things began as well as he could’ve hoped. Customers trickled in, little by little, as he tapped his friends and family for business. 

Even though he took care of his customers, and they began to tell their friends, he was barely making enough money to get by.

Sebastian fell into the trap that most small-business owners find themselves in. 

To cover overhead and make enough extra to live on, he decided he would have to expand his company.

Sebastian knew that running his own business wouldn’t be easy, but he had no idea just how hard things would become as his company grew. 

He never expected the endless headaches that would torment him daily.

The day-to-day frustrations ranged from customer issues, employee drama, taxes, payroll, and nonstop government red tape. 

They got to be such distractions that it seemed like he spent more time putting out fires than he spent working.

Being a small-business owner began to feel like the loneliest place on earth. 

Sebastian felt there was no one to talk to, especially when the pressure felt like it was more than he could take. 

Sebastian could not confide in his customers or employees about his struggles, and his spouse was usually consumed with her own problems.

But Sebastian refused to give up, so he kept pushing forward. 

He juggled more balls than any human could possibly keep in the air, and to be honest, Sebastian knew he was dropping balls more often than he liked to admit.

Let me explain some of Sebastian’s traits  that complicated things.

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