6 Steps to Money Making Emails

Email MarketingEmail is responsible for at least 25% of my business revenue. Perhaps more. Email is not the end all in marketing, but if you’re not using it in your business, you’re leaving money on the table. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a local brick and mortar business, or you are a large online marketer, the benefits cannot be ignored.

There is a right and wrong way to use email in your business, so when I received this “Money on Demand” article from Karol from Poland, I was happy he let me share it with you.

Enter Karol K.

Email marketing is truly great for contacting your prospective customers, your existing customers, and anyone else who has agreed to receive your messages, actually. What’s so great about it? Mainly the fact that, to some extent, email marketing is “money on demand.” 

This is a big statement, I know, but it’s true. Imagine that you have a list of 1000 people. And this list converts at 1%. This means that if you send out an email promoting something, 10 people will buy it. 

This is as close to money on demand as you can get… But of course, before you can reap the benefits of all this you need to build your email list first (not the topic here), and then send an email that will actually convert (exactly the topic here). The following list presents 6 crucial elements for every campaign’s success.

1. Proper tools

This is obvious, you cannot send an email unless you have a piece of software to do it with. More accurately, you don’t need a piece of software, you need a dedicated online service. Sending emails from your own computer manually doesn’t work. After a while your emails won’t even get delivered any more. This is why you should try a service like Aweber. They take care of sending the emails, tracking your results, and managing EVERYTHING.

2. Good subject line

Your subject line accounts for 80% of the success. That means that if you fail to interest the recipient with your subject line, they won’t even open the email. Try to make the subject line personal. Speak to the recipient directly. For example: “Some web design tips you might be interested in.” The other way around is to make your subject line outrageous. This works on a shock-and-awe basis. If the subject line is ridiculous enough, people will simply have to open it. For example: “Bad news,” or “I hate you.” But better have an idea on how to flip this in the email itself…

3. Reason why

There always has to be a reason why you’re contacting someone. A simple “I want to sell you something” is not good enough. Besides, it’s a crappy reason to contact someone anyway. Chances are that when you send out an email you want to share some specific information or advice. Use the beginning of your email to say exactly why you’re sending it. Example: “Hey, I just wanted to let you know about this new idea for _____”

4. Good story

Storytelling works. It works when you’re speaking to your children, it works when you’re talking to your boss. It works in email marketing. Period. And the best stories are personal stories. Tell your subscribers something about you. Maybe a short story of what happened to you on a specific day if it relates to the main message you want to share in the email.

5. Content heavy

Always focus on providing some solid content. If you create your email solely around the desire to sell something, your subscribers will notice this immediately, and simply not even last to the end of your email. Provide advice, give some tips, mention an interesting article, stuff like that.


Now it’s the time to make some money, or get some clicks, or get whatever else is your goal. Start by explaining what you have to offer except the piece of content you’ve already shared in the email. If it’s a product of yours, use some of your sales copy. If it’s an affiliate product, use some of the copy provided by the merchant. Basically, tell ‘em what you’ve got. Next, give a simple explanation of what it is you want your subscribers to do next — give a clear call to action. Calls to action are what runs every successful email campaign. If you don’t provide a good call to action, none of the above tips matter. Examples:

  • Click here to get my product.”
  • Click this link to sign up for ____.”
  • Click here and ____.”

As you can see, everything starts with a simple “click here,” but you can use something else, as long it’s equally as straightforward. Do you have any advice of your own on how to launch a successful email campaign? Feel free to share. 

About the author: Karol K. is a 20-something year old web 2.0 entrepreneur from Poland and a writer at ThemeFuse.com, where he shares various WordPress advice. Don’t forget to visit ThemeFuse to get your hands on some premium WordPress themes (warning: no boring stuff like everyone else offers).

5 Replies to “6 Steps to Money Making Emails”

  1. Really good info as always Chuck. I just read about aweber from another site. Interesting that you have this article when I’m freshly looking into copywriting. It’s been suggested to me more than once. Great read as always.

    1. That’s the “New Car Effect.” (I just made that up) It’s like when you buy a new car and all of a sudden notice them everywhere. They were always there 🙂

      I’ve taken up studying copywriting a lot lately. Just finished a good book today–Advertising Secrets of the Written Word http://amzn.to/MqO8Aq

  2. Great stuff Chuck. And just as important as that SUBJECT LINE (more important actually) is the FROM line. How trusted is the name in the FROM line?

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