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What is this?

On Tuesday April 10, 2012 at 1:00 PM (Pacific) I’m providing FREE online training to a limited number of people, where I will reveal my complete marketing blueprint for getting new customers and clients.

This will be packed with solid content. No frills and no fluff. It will last as long as it takes to show you everything from A to Z. It will probably be more information than you can absorb.

In the past seven years or so, I’ve studied just about every ounce of marketing training available. I estimate that I’ve spent near $100,000 in private consulting, seminars, books, CD’s and coaching to master this subject. 

I’ve attended multiple $10,000 weekend seminars. I’ve paid as much as $1,000 an hour for private consultants to teach me what I’m going to share with you Free.

To say this is valuable is an understatement. 

What You Will Get

I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, the formula I use with every business I start or consult with my clients on. It’s formulaic and repeatable. We will start with the high level overview and then delve into as much detail as time and questions permit. 

You will also get my latest thinking, testing and experiments. Believe me, there are more failed experiments than successes, but that’s the only way to find the winners. You will walk away with the template ready to tweak and adjust to your unique business.

It Works

I’ve implemented this exact formula across five different industries; within my own businesses and my clients’. It’s the same formula over and over and it works. Learning this will be the single best investment of your time.

Not only have I paid high prices to work with high priced consultants, but I’ve spent tons of money testing and making mistakes so you don’t have to.

The thing about marketing is there are no mistakes. It’s all testing, as long as you you keep improving upon the system. I’ve done a lot of expensive ‘testing’ so you wont have to. 

Why is This so Ugly?

Did you see how ugly those images were above? Well those are my slides for this training. I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a long time, but I keep putting it off because I’m busy. 

Last night I finally sat down with pen and paper and scribbled out those “slides” for the webinar. I realized I could mess around for days making the slides pretty, but I would probably never get to it, and then you’d miss out. 

They are ugly! Good enough, will have to be better than nothing. I hope you agree. If you need pretty graphics and animated slides to see value, don’t come to this training, I can’t help you. Frankly, no one can. 

But if you want solid content that works, this is for you. You’ve been warned. This will be raw!

During the past two weeks I’ve been working like a mad scientist on two promotions. The first was to push my book “How to be Rich” to #1 book on the Introduction to Investing list at Amazon. That just happened the evening of March 28, 2012. 

Second, I’ve been helping my wife launch a fitness boot camp / personal training event in her business. Both have been very successful using this same formula.

This is all in-between my normal stuff. So I could either make fancy slides, or get stuff done that works. There are two HUGE lesson there if you’re reading between the lines. Let me know in the comments if you get them.

Why is this Free?

First, if you look around this blog, you’ll notice I always provide a ton of free, in-depth training and information. I like sharing and it pays off in connecting me with smart, like minded people like you. It also attracts clients in the long-run.

Secondly, and the main reason, is that I’m writing a new book that will cover this formula. I want to test the delivery of this information with you so I can get your live question. Your questions during the live training is the only way I can streamline the delivery of this information to make my next book a hit. 

Who is it For?

I’m primarily delivering this information to a group of financial advisors who have been subscribing to my updates for couple of years. That said, the formula works for anyone in the business of delivering service or information. 

This system could work if you sell products, however, I’ve not tried it and it may not work very well if you sell a commodity item like microwaves. But why in the world would you  want to be in that kind of business anyway–you’re competing with China and others–too painful. 

What to Do

Enter your name and email below. Check your email immediatly and click the confirmation link that is in the email. You must do this to get the webinar link.

Between now and April 10th I will send you the webinar details. Bring a pen and paper and be on time because I’m going to go fast to fit in as much as I can. 

Don’t miss it, because I don’t have any reason to record it. I’m looking for live questions that will help create the content for my next book. I’m looking forward to it. Talk to you soon.

4 Replies to “FREE Online Training — Complete Marketing Blueprint”

  1. You asked a specific question in regard to reading between the lines.…in order to ‘get stuff done that works’ the sooner you break out a complete idea—such as your no-frills blueprint to a wider group–the sooner someone can put it into action and give you immediate feedback. 1. Don’t be fooled: Just because something is in a pretty package doesn’t mean it will be effective and 2. Don’t wait til’ the packaging’s perfect on an effective tool to invite people to use it to take actionable steps. 

    It’s the art of the execution of the blue print that will create beautiful results; and the interactive input in the project which helps the creator of the blue print gain real-time understanding of how it is working, and for whom.


    1. Lena, you said it better than I could. 

      I love the readers of this blog. One of the risks of creating online content that is as long as what I include in my blog, is that not everyone has the time or attention to read long articles online.

      However, my theory has proven true over and over, the people that stick around and read these in-depth article are incredibly intelligent and I’m fortunate to have this tool to connect with smart and ambitious people. 

      Thanks for your contribution.

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