You are not alone

For many, the holidays can be a very lonely time.

Especially if you look at the highlight reels we post in social media.

It’s tempting to believe everyone else is living a perfect life when perhaps, you, or someone you know, might be struggling right now.

Here is a little secret that not everyone has the courage to admit.

EVERYONE is struggling with something.

Yes, even those “perfect” people you may admire, idolize, or envy.

The people you may be jealous of with the bigger house, nicer car, more money, prestigious title, thinner body, sexier partner, better behaved kids, and all the rest; every one of them is fighting a battle that you have no idea about. 

If not today, they did yesterday, or they will tomorrow.

During my years as a police officer, and in my work as an author, coach, and teacher, I’ve had intimate conversations with thousands of people during their darkest hours. I’ve heard their greatest pains, fears, and frustrations.

What I’ve l discovered is that although not everyone shows it, everyone is struggling with the challenges that life throws at us.

For many, the holidays can be a very dark place, so if that is you today, my Christmas gift is to remind you that you are not alone.

There may be times that you feel like you are all fucked up, but that’s ok, because so are the rest of us.

If this message was not relevant for you today, I am grateful to hear that, but please remember to reach out to those that may not feel as fortunate.

No matter where you are, I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas.


P.S. To read inspiring stories of other people who’ve overcome adversity, check out “Motivation.” You can download it right now while the kids are playing with their new toys.

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