How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money

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how to be rich: the couple's guide to a rich life without worrying about money

How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money.”


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What readers are saying: 

amazon5starIt’s not often I pick up a book and have a hard time putting it down…but that’s exactly what happened with How to be Rich.

What’s brilliant about the book is how Chuck Rylant tells a great story that keeps you interested in the topic. It’s a very clever way to use a story to get a point across. If he had just started out saying save, invest, mutual funds, blah-blah-blah, I would not have been able to finish.

But instead…he uses a great, interesting story to get the point across. So I was being entertained and learning at the same time.

In the story, you notice the financial mistakes that the characters are making and then you realize that YOU are making the same financial mistakes. It’s the kind of thing that you reject if someone tells you but you accept when you realize it for yourself.

If you are having any financial difficulties whatsoever as a couple, I recommend the both of you read this book and follow the recommendations. If you tell your partner to change, they probably won’t — but if your partner realizes things for themselves, the change stands a much better chance of happening.

This book will have a positive impact on your finances and more importantly, on your relationship.”

 S. Cartwright

amazon5starI have read a lot of personal finance books, and this is the first one that really aims at what it is like for a couple. Many couples that I know who have financial issues in their marriage are simply not on the same page. This book is a great read for those who want to expand their perspective, and get some insights into how their spouse thinks, and how a good financial planner would address the most common and stressful issues.

This is a book that can be read in one evening, and I’ll be honest, I picked it up and read it from cover to cover, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the author’s style. It’s not quite like any other personal finance book that I’ve read, and I can think of many young couples who could benefit from reading this book together.”

R. Farley

amazon5starThis book is amazing. Chuck blends an impressive ability as a storyteller with his extensive experience as a financial planner to draw the reader into a real-to-life story that subtly gives them financial education and guidance for their own lives. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their financial situation, but doesn’t know where to start. The book is a quick read. You will learn a lot, and have fun doing it.”

John Marx

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