How to Create Profitable Advertising

6663289431_a45b80dfdcThere are many ways to attract customers and clients to your business, but only one is measurable, repeatable, and will make you rich:

Direct response marketing

It is the only kind of marketing my clients’ and I use.

What makes this type of marketing different is that every ad, email, commercial, or postcard includes an offer with a deadline eliciting an immediate, measurable response from the consumer.

For the offer to be effective, each advertisement must include very clear and convincing language, which is vastly different than the vague content in image or brand building advertising.

Today I want to walk you through an advertisement that may surprise you, but the lesson can make you rich.

Read the ad, then I will break it down.

Gentlemen, say hello to this forty-two year old divorced mother of two, from Southern California. I am a brunette of Italian descent, a little taller than average, a little plumper than average — though still considered a looker by my male friends. I work for a technology support company here in Irvine, where I am a vice-president. 

I have recently mastered the art of balancing my home life with my professional life, and am now looking to fill the emotional void left by my six-year-old divorce. I am looking for a single gentleman between thirty-five and fifty who lives in on the West Coast, and is financially secure. I would prefer a Catholic, physically fit gentlemen, who would welcome two college-aged sons into his family circle.”

Surprised it was a personal ad?

The attraction market is the toughest to crack.

Most consumers are more picky about who they date than which detergent they buy, right?

You’re trying to sell yourself to another—probably the hardest sale to make.

To make that sale, the girl in the ad has to be very clear about who she is and what she wants.

But she does not actually sell in the ad.

This is a lead generation ad—it generates leads for further dating.

All of my marketing includes multiple steps. It begins with lead generation and then continues with one or more follow-up steps to complete the sale.

In a personal ad, the sale is sex, marriage, or a relationship. This ad does not attempt to close that deal.

You don’t call and sign up to get married, but what the ad will result in is a list of good prospects for this lady to follow up with.

In essence, this ad is bringing people into this lady’s marketing funnel.

Unlike most advertisements, notice how detailed she is.

She is very specific in calling out exactly who she is; a 42-year-old, divorced mother of two.

That will immediately eliminate people who are not interested in a divorced woman with kids.

It is as important to weed out the wrong people as it is to attract the right ones.

The benefit of bringing attention to these features is that she is able to focus her time on better prospects.

Don’t be afraid of pushing the wrong people away. Bad prospects will suck the life out of you.

She talks about her height and weight, saying that she is a “little bit heavier than average.” It is important to set realistic expectations for your prospects.

She is clear who she is looking for. She wants somebody who lives on the West Coast, is financially secure, and is between 35 and 50 years of age.

Without exactly saying it, she is looking for an emotional relationship versus a purely sexual one. She wants to fill the emotional void. 

I think you get the idea.

Now look at your advertisements, web pages, business cards, or anything you use to share your message.

Are they this clear?

The closer your advertising resembles the clarity of a these ads, the more money you will make.

This article is an excerpt from the Complete Marketing Blueprint


5 Replies to “How to Create Profitable Advertising”

  1. I so agree. Clarity, clarity, clarity! I spend lots of time boiling down my stuff to make sure it’s crystal clear…and then testing it to double make sure

  2. There is so much you learn about yourself when you take the time to really clarify Why you are doing something and What you expectations are. It will help to avoid a few frustrations along the way:)

    1. My favorite part about writing Antonia, is that I learn more about my own thoughts than anything else because it forces me to make them clear.

  3. As a consumer, we want to know what it is we are getting ourselves into before we take any steps. We want to know all the information beforehand because we don’t want to waste our time and money…

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