Blind Allegiance to Propaganda—No Matter How Absurd

There is a theme of individual responsibility usually woven throughout my writings. 

My objective is for self-reliance to become an aspirational goal influencing everything in your life, including your health, safety, finances, and thoughts.

But as you look around, there is enormous pressure encouraging the exact opposite. 

In fact, being in the business of teaching and/or promoting self-reliance attracts an increasingly small audience in a world where society preaches the exact opposite.

We’re living in an interesting time where Americans are more “educated” than ever before, yet they seem to be increasingly ignorant every day. 

It’s important to recognize that degrees and titles have absolutely nothing to do with how accurately one perceives reality. For the most part, higher education instills a greater degree of brainwashing.

This has never been more obvious than when watching the sheep blindly obey the government’s lies related to COVID-19

First, we were told the truth, that masks do not stop the spread of the virus; then we were mandated to wear them; and now the President demands that we wear two during Zoom calls. 

It blows my mind that the masses blindly accept the propaganda no matter how absurd and unscientific it is.

The flu vanished in 2020 and 2021 because “public health experts” decided to label virtually every health ailment with the COVID-19 diagnosis. Their rationale for the disappearance of the flu is that masks and social distancing have stopped flu transmission. 

The public believes the claim that masks work to stop the spread, to such a degree that mask shaming has become as egregious as a zealous religious cult.

The people who believe masks have eliminated the flu obviously have not stopped to question why virtually every person that tests positive with COVID-19 typically wears a mask. 

If masks work to stop the spread, why is it only working to stop the spread of the flu? Am I the only one that sees the absurdity of this propaganda?

The first takeaway from today’s newsletter should be obvious, but sadly very few seem to understand that all governments/media lie all the time. 

The government/media sometimes claim to deceive us in order to protect us from ourselves, but the truth is that none of them gives a damn about you. The ruling class lies to maintain power and to increase their control over your life.

If it’s necessary to lie to gain support for their ideology, then there’s something inherently wrong with the ideology. 

If you honestly believe anything from the media and politicians, then there is nothing I can do to help you, but if you’re at least skeptical, maybe I can help make some sense out of everything that has happened in the last year.

Only history will reveal for sure whether COVID-19 was part of an elaborate plan, but what we know is that the elites will never let a good crisis go to waste. 

The “coincidences” of Event 201 (look it up) strongly suggest this “pandemic” was planned, but either way it does not change the fact that the intent today is to destroy our political and economic system and replace it with a centralized, globally controlled tyranny.

Do you think it’s an accident that the irrational rules imposed during the fake pandemic only seem to apply to small-business owners, while the giant corporations have been allowed to thrive?

As the sheep sit back and passively wait for the government to rescue them from the disaster it created, the globalists are quickly consolidating power and forever stripping you of your liberties.

Perhaps you’ve never considered this, but it should terrify you to realize that during Event 201, on October 18, 2019, the decision was made to relinquish complete control of any future pandemic response to an international, centralized group. Then “coincidently,” the COVID-19 outbreak occurred months later in 2020.

The “predictive” ability of that event is impressive to say the least, but what concerns me most is that we are now being governed by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is controlled by the Communist Party.

If you put aside the fact that we’re being governed by communists, the greater worry is that local governance has been eliminated. 

I’ve spoken with several local politicians that are implementing the draconian mask and lockdown rules, and it’s clear they have zero input or control. They’re simply obeying the mandates from above.

This is the exact reason why centralized government is so terrifying. Globalists believe every aspect of your life should be controlled by a centralized government, but the problem with that model is there is no one that is accountable to you locally.

Right now, there is no one at the WHO or CDC that has any accountability to you, and they suffer no consequence for the devastation they are inflicting at the local level. In contrast, the way our government is supposed to work is that most issues that affect you should be managed at the local level, where you may run into your local mayor at the grocery store and you can vote them out of office.

Right now, big corporations and government are collaborating to conserve power and expand the control they have over your life. The result is that individuals have less autonomy as government takes on greater authority.

There are some who welcome the nanny state to mother them their entire lives, but obviously that does not fit anyone who would read this. 

There is still a small majority of people like you that believe in personal responsibility, but even many of those people have been lured into this trap when being hammered over and over with fear porn in the media “reporting” on the fake pandemic.

There does appear to be a virus that may be life-threatening to an extremely small percentage of the population, and just as with many other causes of death, we should exercise a reasonable degree of caution. 

But it’s now become obvious that the entire government response has been more dangerous than any disease we’ve faced.

The ruling class has followed the Marxist playbook step-by-step as they have extended their power grab at an alarmingly fast rate.

The first telltale sign should be the extreme censorship in America that mirrors that of communist China. Anyone reading the events of today would think they were reading an updated version of George Orwell’s book 1984.

There is a saying that when bomber pilots are being shot at, they are flying over the target. Well, anyone that is publicly criticizing the government and being censored is right on target.

I’ve already laid out the first takeaway for today, and that is the recognition that all governments lie all the time. There are no exceptions. 

The second takeaway is to understand that their mission is always to maintain and increase the scope of government. Politicians are not there for your benefit. Do not ever be deluded into thinking otherwise.

Third, I hope I have provided you a greater understanding of the bigger picture of why our country is in such turmoil today. 

If there is fear, chaos, and uncertainty, individuals will surrender their freedoms and welcome greater government control as they seek stability—even when government intentionally caused the instability.

Fourth, I am pushing you to evaluate every area of life where you are vulnerable.

For example, are you prepared for the day when hostile people come to your home? 

The government will not protect you, and if your eyes are open, you should see that crime and violence are increasing substantially every day.

Look no further than the fake insurrection to see just how inept government is at protecting itself. 

They literally allowed protestors to walk in completely unchallenged, so do not expect that anyone will come and rescue you when the looters arrive at your doorstep.

You alone are responsible for the safety and protection of your family.


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