Is Social Media Changing The Way We Do Business?

In the past six months I have taken an active interest in learning about various social media platforms.  My original intent was to promote my financial planning business but it has evolved into much more.  There is no question that social media such  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have become excellent tools for business, but

more important is the depth of personal relationships I have fostered online.

I resisted Facebook for a couple of years while in graduate school because I thought it was for a younger crowd.  Eventually I caved and created a Linked In profile and since then my life has changed. 

I have reconnected with so many old friends that I lost touch with.  I’ve also been able to find new friends that share very similar interests.  Some say the internet is reducing personal contact; I disagree.  I am able to meet more like minded people and get to know them better because of how efficient it is to keep in touch. 

Few in the financial planning field are using social media so I guess I have become somewhat of an expert.  Many people have asked my advice on how to use it and most recently I was interviewed by the National Underwriter magazine for an article on social media.

Two other friends, Carl Richards and Russ Thornton that I also met online were interviewed for the article.  You can check out the National Underwriter article here.  If you are not using these tools, you should at least give it a try and I’m sure you’ll find it worth your time.


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