$0 to $1 Million in 12 Months Online: Launch

Does your business have an online presence? Are you making money or getting clients from your website? Perhaps you already have a blog and an email subscriber list and know how challenging it is to get your website noticed, let alone make money from it.

Imagine taking your business from $0 to over $1,000,000 (one million) in revenue in 12 months. Imagine doing this with an online business starting from zero and growing to 40,000 e‑mail subscribers and becoming one of the top ranked business blogs. This seems impossible – but it’s not. Here’s how. 

1)      Create a ton of incredible content and give it away free.

2)      Get industry experts to share more free content. Experts will gladly share their message to get publicity for their own business.

This is how Michael Stelzner did it when he launched Social Media Examiner in 2009, which quickly became one of the top social media websites on the Internet. In his book Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, he explains in great detail, step-by-step, how he used free content and expert contributors to grow his business from $0 to over $1,000,000 in one year– a very generous offer for less than $20.

How I connected with Michael is instructive and a great example of exactly how this formula works. I was struggling to set up one of those fancy Facebook pages where you click the “Like” button to get a free video or report, and if you don’t click the “Like” button, you can’t get the free information. See an example here.

I couldn’t figure it out so I started Googling (I love that verb) to figure out how it’s done. I found several companies offering to set this up for a fee. The fees were reasonable, but because I had multiple businesses and clients that I needed this same thing, I wanted to learn it myself.

I was willing to pay somebody–or buy a product—to teach me how to create these pages, but I couldn’t find one. Instead, I found Social Media Examiner which provided an incredibly in-depth article explaining exactly how to do it. Solely from that free article on his website, I learned how to create what’s called a Facebook reveal tab.

I was blown away that he provided so much free information beyond what everyone else was selling. While at his site, I signed up for his e‑mail list–pretty typical in online marketing. Later in an e‑mail, Michael wrote about his new book Launch–the book I mentioned previously–which described exactly how he launched his business.

After getting such great free content from his website, the least I could do was buy his book—the Law of Reciprocity in action. I also wondered, like most people do, if his free content was that good, what’s in his book?

My book purchase was not a major contribution to his bottom line. Contrary to popular belief, there’s not a lot of money in books, but I was one-step forward in his marketing funnel, and that’s the lesson here.

Social Media Examiner is a great model to follow for your online presence. In theory, you could follow the exact model set out in Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition and create a similar online business and likely get similar results, or you can follow pieces of it to create a successful web presence for your offline business.


8 Replies to “$0 to $1 Million in 12 Months Online: Launch”

  1. Hi Chuck. I met you at the ACA conference and you worked w/ me a little on my website, moving my blog. You mentioned in wordpress adding the SEO Tool Plug In. I found that and was wondering if it is ok just to click on that – meaning – is there anything to look out for as far as changing my website? I appreciate you working with me on this and hope to gain more search hits. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary,

      I use the wordpress plug-in called All in One SEO Pack. You have to go to Plugins: Add new: and then type it into the search box. Once you find it, click Install. Once installed, there are settings for your site and then each time you make a new post, if you scroll down, you will find where you can customize the title, description and keywords. Here is more info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

  2. Chuck — I completely agree that sharing great content is key. It can be overwhelming to see the list of everything you want to implement. 

    just do it” fits here. Once you make a priority list and assign a time to complete and implement — it’s so satisfying to see how much gets done in a month.

    The guest expert tip and delegation whenever it fits also help.

    1. So true Dagmar about how overwhelming it can seem. It also has little reward in the beginning until, as you said, you just do it, and after a while the rewards come rolling in.

  3. Chuck,

    Thanks for the insight on this post. I took your recommendation. I just bought Michaels Stelzner’s book Launch. I didn’t see a kindle version. Otherwise I would be reading it now. 

    I read your other post How To Get 1,000 Facebook Fans. I appreciate your input on the drawbacks of the approach. It was a very helpful article. Thanks again!

    1. I appreciate the feedback Bryan. I’m almost certain I read the book on my Kindle, so I’m surprised it wasn’t listed at Amazon. Let me know how you like it.

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