Leadership—doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences

Almost daily we are inundated with examples of complete insanity, but we’re expected to submit and play along as if everything is normal.

Have you seen Joaquin Phoenix’s movie Joker? It’s a brilliant portrayal of the tragedy of mental illness, but it left me feeling dirty at the end when the director attempted to portray a homicidal lunatic as the hero.

What’s frightening is how prophetic that movie has become in predicting the direction of many of the left-leaning communities in America.

Is it just me, or are we living in a nightmare where domestic terrorists murder innocent people, loot businesses, burn our cities to ashes, and then receive millions of dollars in corporate funding and see large murals painted in the street in support of their terror?

What’s frightening is that some “leaders” are supporting their demands to eliminate the police and the release of the criminals from prison. These are no longer ideas; it’s actually happening.

While this freak show plays out, the reasonable majority anxiously wait for someone to step up and be the adult in the room.

Instead, mayors are ordering law enforcement to stand down while Marxist terrorists devastate our communities in what CNN has named “mostly peaceful protests.” O.J. Simpson was also “mostly peaceful” the day he murdered his wife.

Governors are crushing small-business owners with their draconian business closures and dehumanizing us with face-mask requirements that have no basis in reality or science. Churches are closed while strip clubs, casinos, liquor stores, and marijuana dispensaries are thriving.

For most segments of the population, COVID-19 poses far less risk than the flu. However, the deaths of despair and other financial and emotional consequences of the draconian shutdowns are absolutely tragic.

COVID-19 is a real sickness, but the political response to it is the greatest act of deception in our lifetimes.

I’ve read the scientific journals and scoured the data related to this fake pandemic, but that level of research is no longer needed. It’s blatantly obvious to anyone with common sense that the reactions from power-hungry politicians and fake news organizations are completely illogical.

Most people who look around can see the obvious insanity of the shutdowns, riots, and socialist takeover, yet most people remain compliant. Why is that?

What is the line the government must cross before you’ll step up and lead?

This weekend I drove four hours round-trip to attend a church service. I’m not generally a church-going person, but I could not resist supporting the bold act of leadership from the church pastor and the thousands of people who have attended services.

Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, California, is one of a few churches making national headlines for fighting to maintain our constitutional rights. Against the demands of tyrannical Governor Newsom, they are hosting normal church services.

One part of the sermon that struck me was the idea of leadership. Not everyone is in a formal leadership position where they can decide to open their church, or business, but everyone is in a position where they can lead. In the case of this church, the pastor made a bold decision to open, but every member of his church is taking an equally important leadership role by bravely attending.

All our lives would immediately, safely, return to normal if everyone decided to step up and lead today.

Last night I took my son to the beach to have a bonfire and cook s’mores. I was desperately seeking a small moment or freedom for my son by getting out of the house to enjoy life, but when I got there, a sign was posted that said bonfires were closed due to COVID-19.

Obviously, my son and I alone at a bonfire is more far more dangerous than thousands of people visiting Walmart every day. 

Fuck them—I started a fire anyway and was prepared to pay whatever fine I received.

That small act of “leadership,” or defiance, provided an opportunity for others to lead and do the right thing. It didn’t take long before a member of the harbor patrol arrived, telling us that fires were prohibited due to COVID-19.

But then he did the right thing. He said we can “let the fire burn out,” but advised us to make sure it was extinguished before his shift ended and the next guy came.

Imagine if every business owner opened their doors tomorrow. Imagine if every church sued the government for violating their constitutional rights. Imagine if everyone stopped wearing a mask. Imagine if we all just did the right thing and began living our lives again. Imagine if we stopped allowing power-hungry dictators to strip us of our God-given freedoms for their political gain.

Every one of us has the opportunity to lead in some small way that will get us out of this crisis.

Leadership is always doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences.

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  1. OMGosh, Chuck. What an excellent read. You are so wise. Thank you for this. I will share. Blessings to you and yours. Lori S

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