Leap to the Top of Your Field Overnight – The Theory of Delivery


Forget paying your dues…

you can skip all the way to the top bypassing the steps along the way.

It does not matter if you are a solo professional, employee or entrepreneur;

The top tier has one common distinction that you can easily adopt.

Let me share that difference with you now.

Each year I’ve become increasingly unforgiving about wasted time—focusing only on high return projects and people.

In other words, I’ve become ruthlessly efficient.

The clock is the great equalizer. We all get the same 24 hours.

Contrary to what the bottom feeders think, it’s how you use those finite minutes that makes the difference between winners and losers.

As cliché as it sounds, time really is money.

Successful people get that…

…the masses do not.

The masses do not value their own time–so they certainly do not mind stealing yours.

But how do you insulate yourself when you have to work with and hire others to get things done?

Now days, I refuse to hire employees. At a low point I had 35. It was a nightmare.

You can thank the government for making them overly expensive and then difficult to rid of when they overstay their welcome, which they all do.

To keep my business chugging away without employees, I hire independent contractors; usually from foreign countries.

That’s not as glamorous as it may sound. Many of them will suck your life away too if you let them.

I had to develop a guiding principle to weed out the bad ones, but this lesson is not about time management or hiring contractors, it’s about you reaching the top.

I will connect the dots in a moment.

This lesson came to me at considerable personal expense, but the benefit of those experiences was priceless—they were the foundation of my:

Theory of Delivery

Say what you’ll deliver.

Deliver what you say.” 

Do not let its simplicity overshadow the intrinsic value of the theory.

The theory suggests that it’s the small things that predict the future.

When considering hiring someone for example, if they say they will call at 3:00 PM, when they call at 3:10 PM, I terminate the business relationship immediately.

I don’t want to hear the excuses. I don’t care why. I only care about results.

Is that ruthless?

Yes and here is why it’s important.

People are on their best behavior during the first date. They slack off after the wedding.

In other words, you will get their very best BEFORE you pay them.

Punctuality is an accurate leading indicator whether someone will become your asset or liability.

I’ve back tested this theory in numerous business deals. In almost every case, punctuality predicted the future with near perfect accuracy.

The top 5% understands the value of time, therefore they do not want to waste their own, or steal yours.

But does it really matter if you call three minutes late?

Yes it does.

Everything you do is a subtle message about what it will be like working with you.

People observe everything when deciding whether or not to hire you.

They notice the subtle things, but here is the important part.

It’s NOT really about time.

It’s about whether you will make your commitments or not. If you can’t make the small ones, how can you be relied upon you to make the big ones?

Very, very few people consistently follow through and do what they say they will.

It drives me crazy, but that is a massive opportunity for you.

You can chose to be part of the highly sought after minority who ALWAYS delivers what they say they will.

People like this are in desperate short supply.

Remember, it’s the small things matter.

Be on time, every time.  

Make no excuses — instead deliver results.

You will fly to the top.

I guarantee it.



2 Replies to “Leap to the Top of Your Field Overnight – The Theory of Delivery”

  1. Hi Chuck,
    I agree with you blog post ‑making sure we hold ourselves up to these two simple higher standards of being on time and delivering without excuses, will definitely set you apart from the masses. These are two timeless standards that are not in vogue today. Working in the entrepreneurial space, we find quite often, people have let their standards slip since they don’t have to answer to anyone other than themselves. Women in positions of authority sometimes accept the unacceptable actions of others fearing getting tagged with the “B” keyword. Savvy Women just need to make sure the “B” stands for Bold Action Takers that Get the Job Done On Time.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Sherrie. And it is not only women that get labeled when holding others accountable to doing what they promised — men get the D word 🙂

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