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Most small-business marketing sucks, and if you are willing to be honest, you probably do not have a reliable marketing system that dependably delivers new and returning customers or clients.

Many business owners are floundering when it comes to advertising and marketing because they have never been exposed to the fundamentals of direct response marketing. Many small-business owners and solopreneurs struggle as they repeatedly make the same mistakes.

They are working harder at the wrong things, which traps them in the same discouraging situations. If you can relate, it is not your fault. Most of the “advice” you get from people selling advertising is wrong, and everything you see the big companies doing is not right for you.

Rarely does the small-business owner, the local merchant, or even the owner of a midsize company launch their venture focused on the single most important subject that leads to business success—marketing.

Typically the owner opens up shop as an expert in their field or a practitioner of their craft, but rarely do they understand what goes into a predictable and repeatable marketing system. But there is no reason to reinvent the wheel or continue struggling, because prosperous entrepreneurs have used this formula successfully for decades.

After reading this entertaining story, you will never look at an ad, promotion, website, or flyer in the same way. Through an entertaining novel, you will come to understand the common mistakes that cost business owners countless sleepless nights and piles of money wasted on bad advertising.

Regardless of whether you are selling a product or a service, this style of marketing will enable you to skip years of trial and error. You will discover how to refocus on what will actually attract ideal customers, clients, or patients who are ready to do business with you without price resistance.

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