The Consequences of Obedience

Flatten the curve” is a catchy phrase that’s become the new climate change—media-fueled hysteria driven by cherry-picked stats, graphs, and celebrity endorsements.

The panic has bullied the masses into surrendering their personal freedoms.

We were sold an oversimplified narrative that has since proven to be wildly inaccurate. 

The evidence pouring in suggests that COVID-19 is nothing like what they once claimed, but only time will tell for sure.

I suspect history will reveal that the “pandemic” was just another example of self-destructive societal obedience to authority.

The unprecedented degree of unquestioned faith should not be surprising because most people wander through life in search of a place to plug in their umbilical cord—obedience is easier than having to think for yourself.

Regardless of what you believe about this pandemic, global warming, or whatever the latest scare tactic, the message I am sharing today is a word of caution about authority figures.

People quickly forget the many historical examples of fallible leaders driven by self-interest at your expense.

Hitler was a charismatic speaker who seduced his way into power, while the masses stood by passively, and some actively participated in his atrocities.

Perhaps Hitler is too extreme an example. Do you believe Oswald killed John F. Kennedy with a magic bullet? Do you remember that Richard Nixon’s operatives burglarized his political opponents? 

How about Ronald Reagan’s administration selling crack cocaine in Los Angeles to fund an illegal war in Nicaragua? What about Bush’s lie of weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq?

Maybe these examples are too dated to seem meaningful, but you must remember that President Obama admitted to lying about keeping our doctor with Obamacare. How about CNN, the satire company that rigged the election debates trying to give Hillary Clinton an advantage?

Maybe presidents are not the best example. Do you remember the U.S. government’s food pyramid recommending 11 daily servings of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta? 

We have an obesity problem because the grain industry was the highest bidder when “experts” designed the U.S. government’s dietary recommendations.

These examples should frighten you. The only reason they’re widely known is because in the early days, the internet was like the Wild West—but it has since been hijacked by left-wing internet barons. 

Social media was on track to become the great equalizer, but it’s quickly shifting toward the same censorship model used by authoritarian Chinese communists.

These are not conspiracy theories. All of these examples are well-established facts. 

I could go on and on with examples of our own government deceiving us for ulterior motives, yet most people are still willing to blindly obey those in positions of authority.

But it’s not just government that we outsource our thinking to.

We entrust our money to investment advisors, who studies prove under perform monkeys throwing darts at the stock page of a newspaper. 

We trust doctors even though 250,000 people die each year from medical errors—significantly more deaths than from COVID-19.

The lawyers we hire can be just as guilty of putting their own interests ahead of yours. If you don’t believe me, try getting divorced. 

It’s a rather formulaic calculation, but if two lawyers are involved, they will pretend to fight until marital assets are depleted on lawyer fees, and then miraculously the lawyers will find common ground and settle out of court.

But let me be clear: Doctors, lawyers, investment advisors, and those in government are NOT bad actors by default. 

Most people try to be fair and honest, but you can’t ignore the incentives that drive human behavior while conflicting with your best interests.

We are approaching Great Depression levels of unemployment that could put you in bankruptcy, while having zero financial impact on the politicians making the decisions. 

But on the flip side, politicians are motivated to maintain the government shutdown because being wrong could significantly impact their careers.

The intent of these examples is not to point fingers, but instead to highlight the consequences of blind acceptance of those in positions of authority.

I strongly caution you against trusting anyone simply because they are charismatic, are on TV, have a fancy title, or have a white lab coat and clipboard.

Have you seen the 1963 Milgram obedience study? Google it. The short video will shock you, pun intended, and illustrate exactly what I’m talking about.

Do not forget that everyone is fallible and susceptible to the influences that drive human behavior.

You should seek expert opinions, but assume they are wrong until proven otherwise.

Become your own authority.


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2 Replies to “The Consequences of Obedience”

  1. That’s awesome! everything you mentioned here is exactly what’s been going on in my head during Covid I believe this is a ridiculous pandemic and people are acting irrational and unrealistic. Although my opinion may be different from others I don’t feel that this is going to get better Because they don’t think like we do nobody fucking thinks like we do. I do agree with everything you just mentioned above. Thank you for your time.
    So punctuation is important, Writing, typing etc, right now I don’t give a $@%?..,. 

    Have an awesome day I like how you think.

    1. Thanks for reading. We are living in strange times and I can’t believe we are tolerating it.

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