The Secret Lesson I learned from Tim Ferriss

I just returned from a secret location in Napa where a small group of high-level entrepreneurs and authors met for five days to share, exchange, and discuss marketing and book promotion secrets.

The meeting was so secret that each of us signed non-disclosure agreements, legally barring us from sharing the trade secrets we discussed—that’s how high level the discussions were.

However, there is one secret I want to reveal with you that will forever change your life. Everyone in this closed-door meeting was very high caliber. That probably means many things to different people. For instance, who is higher level, the President of the United States, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, or Mother Theresa? It’s certainly subjective depending on your goals and interests.

For years I’ve subscribed to and believe Jim Rohn’s comment, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Spending this one-on-one time with Tim Ferriss, and many others I’m not allowed to disclose, solidified this theory for me.

To me, “High level” means people who are smart, motivated, and most importantly, doers. Many have big plans, but only a minority are actually doing great things. Accomplishing multimillion-dollar product launches and selling multiple New York Times bestselling books are examples of doing great things, but just as great is someone who puts their heart and soul into a nonprofit project that helps wounded soldiers. So the measure is not dollars or fame, it’s taking action toward your passions.

Last week I spent fourteen hours a day, for almost five days, surrounded by people doing great things. It was irrelevant what those great things were. Each of them is making their unique impact on the world, but by being surrounded by those ambitious people, collectively rose the ambition of everyone in the room.

There is no arguing; you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you want to raise your own capacity, surround yourself by people doing the things you want to rise to, and there is no doubt you will get there.


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  1. Its important to have positive thoughts about life. Just as birds of the same feather flocks together, people with similar interests stay together in fact people can tell so much about us by just looking at our friends 😉

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