The Three Pillars of an Extraordinary Life

If you’re like the rest of us, you have your fair share of fears, self-doubt, and anxiety, and occasionally make some irrational decisions. 

We’re not born with these traits—they’re how our minds have adapted to our experiences.

Maybe you’ve learned to hide your real emotions behind a well-constructed facade, but you and I both know they are there. 

However, what you may not realize is just how much these subconscious emotions limit your business, career, and wealth potential.

Since every one of us lives with some dysfunctional emotions, it’s easy to wonder what allows some people to thrive while others fail. 

Contrary to popular opinion, neither racism nor sexism nor sexual orientation nor income inequality nor the president is the cause of the disparity between those who succeed and those who fail.

There are far too many examples of incredibly successful people who have come out of the very worst environments, for you to be deceived by those excuses. 

In fact, it’s usually adversity that drives people to achieve at the highest levels.

When I wrote the book Motivation, I found that a story of past trauma accompanies almost every highly driven person. 

However, the fuel that drives people to excel in one area often tends to handicap them in others.

(If you’ve not read Motivation, why not? It’s a fascinating case study on ambition and overcoming adversity.)

Through my years of coaching, I’ve discovered there are three distinct areas that must be developed if you want to live an extraordinary life.

I call these the “Three Pillars of an Extraordinary Life.”

  • Wealth attraction: the ability to generate income
  • Wealth preservation: the ability to manage your money
  • Wealth mindset: the philosophies that make wealth attraction and preservation possible

Ambitious people tend to excel in one of the three pillars, but development of the remaining two is usually inhibited.

Imagine, if you will, a large structure held up by three concrete pillars. The structure represents your life, but now imagine that construction of two of the pillars is incomplete, making it impossible to live an extraordinary life with that unstable foundation.

People tend to focus on the pillar they are most comfortable with, but they neglect the pillars that cause them the most discomfort. Most financial dysfunction stem from this imbalance.

Growth is necessary in all three areas. However, your happiness and fulfillment will make the most dramatic leaps when you focus on the underdeveloped areas. 

Let me explain.

Those who excel at wealth attraction frequently struggle with wealth preservation.

The same traits that motivate people in business also often lead to excessive spending. Money is how many keep score, so displaying wealth through superficial spending often feeds the same insecurity that drives people to climb the ladder in the first place.

In contrast, those who excel at wealth preservation often struggle with wealth attraction, because the traits that drive them to save often deter them from taking necessary business and career risks.

Seventy percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt, because those who lack a wealth mindset will be incapable of effectively handling money, even when it lands in their laps.

Because you’re reading this, I’m certain that freedom is what you crave at your core—freedom to live life on your own terms and freedom to do more of the things you desire and less of the things you don’t.

But freedom requires some degree of mastery of all Three Pillars of an Extraordinary Life.

To reach the next level you aspire to, you must do something differently than what you’re currently doing. 

So, which of the Three Pillars of an Extraordinary Life are you ready to focus on?

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