Ultimate Free Gift: Amazon Kindle Book Give-Away

The first Amazon Kindle sweepstakes ended November 13th. The contest was so popular that I’m giving a second Kindle away Free. The winners are announced at the end of this post. You don’t have to buy anything to enter, here is what and how to win:

The Ultimate Free Gift

  • Grand prize: Up to two ours of private coaching with Chuck Rylant with some  follow-up. You can work on any of your personal finance goals or small business marketing projects.  ($997 value)
  • 2nd prize: Amazon Kindle pre-loaded with How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money ($154 value)
  • 3rd prize: Print copy of How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money along with several brand new copies of some of the most popular personal finance books ** ($200 value)
    4th prize: Print copy of How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money($16 value)
  • 5th prize:Everyone that enters wins & gets access to free tele-seminar where I will answer your most pressing personal finance questions ($97 value)

** New books titles include: Richest Man in Babylon, Millionaire Mind, I Will Teach You to be Rich, Living Large in Lean Times, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, Suze Orman’s The Money Class, Millionaire Next Door, Robert Kiyosiki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad and others.

The first Facebook contest sweepstakes was so popular that it attracted over 1200 new followers to my Facebook Page. Because it was so popular, I want to give away more free cool stuff with no strings attached, just to see what happens. 

Here is all you have to do to enter…and it’s fun. The last contest was a random drawing, this one gives you a chance to put your best foot forward and claim your the prize of your choice.

How to enter

Simply write a comment below answering one or both of the following questions:

  1. What are yours, someone you know, or people in general, greatest money related fears, frustrations, questions or goals?
  2. What is blocking you, someone you know, or most people, from getting from point A to point B in their life financially? In other words, what prevents you from living the life you always wanted?

 Secret to winning

  1. THIS IS SO EASY yet most people will be too lazy to take three minutes to enter. If you enter anything, you have a VERY good chance of winning.
  2. The more detail, creativity, and thought that goes into your answer, the greater your chance of winning the prize of your choice.
  3. IMPORTANT!! The more people you refer who reply directly to your comment with their own comment saying why you should win, the greater your chance of winning.
  4. You can simply use text or get creative and send photos or YouTube videos to jenny (at) chuckrylant.com to be posted here to improve your submission


  • Void where prohibited and all that stuff. Winners will be chosen by Chuck Rylant and a select group of friends based on thought, creativity, and energy of answer entered into the comments.
  • Winners will be heavily weighted by the number of replies to your comment that suggest your answer is best. HINT: get your friends, family, and everyone you know to visit and comment on your answer. Email your friends & post on Facebook!
  • Chuck Rylant reserves the right to cancel the contest due to insufficient participation. Not following the specific instructions will disqualify you.
  • Only one entry per person, however, you may send Jenny an email requesting your original post be removed if you want to submitted a revised one.
  • Contest submission tentatively ends November 27th.

** Update 12/10/11 Contest is over **

94 Replies to “Ultimate Free Gift: Amazon Kindle Book Give-Away”

  1. I am enjoying the financial articles/posts here on this site. My DREAM is to save up enough money and get completely out of debt to be able to move to E. Africa and rescue, support encourage, empower orphans with my family of 7.

  2. I think the greatest fear for me is not knowing how to go about making the best financial decisions for myself and my family. We spend and try to save, but in this economy, it’s very hard — as we all know. Where to put the money we can save, when we can, is tantamount to our future and the future of our kids. I’m looking forward to reading Mr. Rylant’s book to educate myself as to how to make a better life for my family!

  3. My greatest fear is becoming disabled and not being able to retiring…ever! Being under employed is what is keeping me from reaching my financial goals.

  4. My greatest fear is not having enough money to retire with. What if I am disabled and sick and the money runs out? What do I do then? How can I ensure that I have enough and how much is enough? I want to make sure that I also have enough for my kids college too. I put a lot of research into my saving and make the best of my investments.

  5. The greatest concerns and fears is getting ill and losing my job and not having insirance or the money to get the best healthcare and live life how i am now. Very alarming and stresses me out so much with worry.

    2.What is preventing me from living how i want is there is always something that needs to be paid whether it be food or insurance or something with the cars. It seems so hard to catch a break and be able to save any money when there is always something that takes the money. So hard to live and save with things so costly and needed to be bought

  6. Greatest money fear still owing on things and my son having to deal with that if something were to happen to my husband or I.

    1. Generally, kids do not owe on debt parents acquire unless it is jointly owned. That may put your mind at ease Sheri.

  7. opps I posted before I was done.…My greatest fear is to die in a fire
    and leave all our credit cards and other bills left to our kids.

  8. The biggest impediment in getting from point A to point B in my life financially is that I don’t have a kindle, and I just can’t stand the idea of begging people I know to vote for my comment. Voting in such is a popularity contest, not a recognition of merit. At best, it is a recognition of someone’s ability to manipulate social media. And that, of course may be the point.

    1. I love the sarcasm Tom. It made me laugh. That is one way of looking at it and a fair statement. Another is that the more people visit this site that is full of a lot of free, thought provoking information, the better. Perhaps it may be helpful to them, but your point isn’t missed.

  9. My greatest money related fear is that hubby and I will still be struggling from week to week in our old ages with no retirement in site due to a bad business decision or investment that didn’t pan out.

    1. Diversify investments, keep a book on household expenses and really make an effort to save even a small amount every month. The younger you are when you start saving, the better.

  10. My greatest fears related to money issues is that I wont be able to provide a suitable future for my children. As it stands right now we have nothing extra to put aside for college savings plans or even some “just getting started” money for when they graduate. Every dime goes towards bills and daily living expenses and we just cant seem to get ahead. I want to be a positive role model for my children when it comes to finances but I just don’t feel like we’re accomplishing that. Very scary.

  11. My greatest fear is that something happens to me or my husband. That we will not have the money for funeral expences and someone to take care of our two kids. We are always struggling with money no matter how hard we try to save, something happens a car breaks down, kids get sick ect. I have started sweeping to save on money to win what we can not afford to buy and I have won some awesome prizes so far and Christmas this year is all set (thank goodness). We do not go out to eat hardly any more and cook at home. That saves some money. We do not have tv, but watch movies from the computer. We do not turn lights on unless its dark outside to save on the electric. But will all this it seems we are just not making it at time. 

    What is stopping us from getting where we want finantially it seems like everything. I started school from home to get a degree and was going great I got on the dean list and everything. I was loving it. Then my son get into major trouble at his school and everything goes down hill. I drop out of school cause I can not handle all the stress of worring about what is going to happen to my son and staying with my classes and something had to give. So I dropped them. Consentraed on my son and keeping him out of trouble. He spent two months away from us but we finally got him home after one court date after another. Just seems like when I try going to school something gets in the way. We are now homeschooling our kids, which I love! I will not leave my kids with just anyone, it has to be someone I trust very very much. So getting time with just me and my husband is very hard and far and few inbetween. We do not take family vacations, we also have pets that are like our children and will not leave them with just anyone. I guess I just worry to much. I am not sure what is blocking us from achieving out goals but I hope to make the hurdle soon.

    1. Sounds like you’ve done a lot to try and better your situation. Family is and should be the most important to you. Something that you did not mention is work. I’m thinking you don’t work a normal job because you are homeschooling your children. I have a few suggestions. You already sweep which is an excellent benefit but not very predictable. I suggest couponing, recycling, mystery shopping, and surveys. The last three are easy ways to come up with a little extra money. It may not be a lot but it helps. I have mystery shopped for years you can get a lot of free things with it too. You can get paid to get your taxes done or oil changed which will save you money at the same time you get paid. With Surveys, I net about $20 a month; I call it my Sushi money. Of course you’ll have to go through good sites for these suggestions not the scammers. Hope I gave you some new ideas.

      1. Rebecca, thank you for all your helpful hints. I tried yesterday to respond to your post but my computer wouldnt let me. I would like to know what survey sites you use. I have tried some but they want you to “try” their serves and I just can’t seem to find good ones. I have couponed once and was charged for using them. I was a bit surprised at that. I also did mystery shopping once but did not go threw with it I was afraid it was a scam. If you know of a good one to go threw that would be great! You gave great options to look at!! Thank you soo much!!

  12. Greatest fear.…never to get ahead again and not be able to provide appropriately for my family or give my kids a better life than my parents gave me. Greatest financial hope or goal, I guess that all my hard work pays off and I just don’t have to worry so much about money and can enjoy life how I or anyone should be able to do.sound so simple gets struggle for some.

    1. I feel the same way, and my parents gave me such a good life with out having to worry about anything, I just hope I can do the same for my kids, but it is proving difficult. Good luck Erica!

    1. Leigh, many people struggle with this because they never figure out how much they “should” be saving, so it makes it hard to get there.

  13. I believe what is stopping everybody is laziness, the development and evolution of procrastination and the unrealization of what needs to be done.

  14. My great is that I will not enough money if my Type II diabetes and/or MS worsens. My only income is from Social Security Disability;I cannot go back to work if I need more $$ to cover my diabetes/MS medications.

  15. I am now living my worst fear of what my life would end up being like. The man I trusted and married robbed me of everything I had worked for my whole life. I am now disabled, on Social Security and a very limited income, with no home or belongings, starting over from scratch. I had thought I had done every thing right. I worked hard all my life. I was within a few years of having my home paid for. Now i am living in the worst conditions of my life. My advice, never let someone else have complete control of your finances…no matter who it is or how much you trust them. Stay involved and know what is going on with your money.

    1. I’m curious Mary if you took this matter to court? Most courts are rather strict about dividing property and you may be able to get some legal assistance for free from the court.

  16. Not saving money, and not investing any money in anything long term is what is keeping most people in our country from moving from point A to point B in life, financially.

  17. After 38 years of working at the same company, my husband retired at age 65 due to lymphoma. At the same time, I had to have 8 fusions in my back, a very huge surgery that left us with $12,000 out of pocket expenses. Medical bills are my worst fear. I read that a retired person should expect to have to pay $200,000 of medical bills (per the AARP) after retirement. Although we have a decent 401K, we could easily be wiped with future complications from our illness or new illnesses. I also have Parkinson’s disease. I look younger than my age, but I have endured a lot and so has my husband. I want to be able to enjoy life rather than pay medical bills.

  18. My greatest fear is losing everything due to medical expenses. I have a chronic condition so it just makes such an outcome that much more likely, but it seems like it could happen to anyone due to nothing more than a bit of bad luck.

  19. How can you Financially recover from a long term life changing medical condition? I had a 401k, a good job paying $11.50 an hour, a nice home — rented, a car THAT RAN :), owned some stock ($1000.00) and a little money in the bank. Then I was diagnosed with Tarsal coalition (the bones in part of the foot grow together, thus breaking when you move your foot). The huge knot on the side of my aching foot was from bones that had broken off! After surgery to grind the edges of broken bone off & application of a wax to prevent regrowth of abnormal bone (THIS FAILED & bones have since grown back together unnaturally) & relearning to walk — kinda…I find myself on SS earning $600.00 a month..living in my mom’s basement..struggling to make it it a whole month financially. And my 1981 vehicle has been broken for over a year! My 401k, stocks, job — ALL GONE! I do have $1.08 in the bank :)..I am use to providing for others & now I can’t. PLEASE don’t misunderstand — I AM BLESSED! There are many who have it worse than me. I just want your advice on where to go from here financially. Thanks for your time!

  20. My biggest money fear is to not be able to have enough money to put my children through college, and ultimately have enough for retirement. Luckily, we are young, as are my children (8 and 4). However I know how time flies by. We have been trying so hard to get something going, but it always seems as if something else comes up, and also caring for my father who is needs constant help. My husband does have a 401k, but I also want to sleep comfortably knowing we have a nest egg to live comfortably off of.

    We are taking baby steps and although I know it may be a long, hard process, but it is attainable! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I love the articles and advice I have found on here and directly relay them to my friends and family as well. So insightful!

    1. I can completely relate since I am in nearly the same predictament. It is hard to figure out a budget as well as putting money aside for the future. My wife is in college now and her student loans are sky high, so I can just imagine what tuition will be by the time my kids get there! I can honestly say at times I am truly scared to think about it.

    2. Lisa, as a general rule, it’s better to make sure your own retirement is secure before losing sleep over sending the kids to college. The reasoning is that kids can borrow and work their way through college if necessary. You don’t always have those options to finance college.

      1. Thanks Chuck! We are trying to worry about our future as a couple, but that Mom part of me makes me think we should be worrying about our children’s future as well. I am currently back in school, once I am done my student loans will be an estimated $60,000, so I know how expensive school can be and what a burden it will be to pay back…hence one of the biggest reasons I do not want my children to have to worry about it. I think I will take the advice to focus on us and our retirement first and then help them with their education’s with what I can. Thank you all for the helpful advice, it is very much appreciated!

    3. When it comes time for your children to go to college, there might be a multitude of options for them in means of scholarships and other financial aid. Not trying to push them into debt already, but that will be their burden if they choose to go. You should worry about your financial future and if there is extra, then put that towards college. That is my opinion.

      1. My husband just informed me that he upped his 401k percentage bi-weekly! I guess he does listen to me sometimes! I told him about the comments and advice on here and he said he figured it was a good place to start. Hopefully once I finish school, I will find a position that offers the same type of benefits so we can have a nice little nest egg for our golden years:) Thank you Chuck and to all who responded!

  21. Q: What are yours, someone you know, or people in general, greatest money related fears, frustrations, questions or goals?

    A: My greatest fear is not being able to be ready for a good retirement… what will be the best way to plan on doing this? Thanks

  22. What is preventing me from the LIFE I always wanting is more money. To be honest with you Chuck, I am a non-resident but i too am human and very ambitious. I actually want to got to school and help people. Currently using the law of attraction to manifest more of my dreams.. I know there on the way.

    1. I wish you tons of success and personally believe any hardworking, ambitious, law abiding people should be able to prosper. Law of attraction COMBINED with action is the key to success in life.

  23. My greatest fear is that my adult son (who has a serious health condition) or one of my inlaws will be unable to support themselves in the future and will need us to provide for them. So even though we save a significant amount of money (about half of our after tax income), we may still end up unable to make it financially. Since this is so far out of our control, how can we plan?
    Since I have no friends, I suppose I won’t win, but I still wanted to share!
    My son wants a kindle for Christmas, so it would be a great win.

  24. I greatest fear is our “money manager” loosing all our money in the stockmarket. We retired a few years ago and I am unable to go back to work physically.

  25. I think my greatest fear is being swallowed by debt, mainly student debt. I am trying to combat this with scholarships and such but it doesnt make even a small dent compared to how much things cost themselves. Especially since we have a son, a house that needs work and are on one income so I can stay home with our son who gets sick often and we dont want him to go into daycare, his allergies are too severe. It also allows me to focus on school. But since we dont always have the income to support everything I try to supplement by couponing like crazy, and Im good at it, but it doesnt always supplement as much as Id like to see it happen. I think our biggest fear is what can go wrong next though. We bought our house in 2009(feb), were pregnant as of August of that year only for my husband to get laid off on christmas eve and i was just taken off of work because of complications. Then within a week of the layoff our house flooded 3 times in the duration of 2weeks with sewer water so any money we had to take care of ourselves during that time went to restoring our house since the baby was on the way and couldnt be in a sewage house! Finally when my husband got a job, the same week our son was born, we had tornadoes come through and take away our second car which was covered with liability only since it was an older car. To say the least it was a hell of a year and we’re still catching up, but everytime it seems we’re getting back on track something seems to pop up to push us back 10 more feet. So I am now always scared of something going wrong that we wont be able to afford, whether it be medical, a large bill or even something with the house. I fear a big financial issue because it will destroy us. I just hope I get my degree finished and a good job before any big expenses come along!

      1. Im in oklahoma, we worry about earthquakes, tornados, and even the wind gets up to 70mph here!

  26. My greatest fear is never getting out of this hole we created. Five years ago we put our house on my father-in-laws land and was told that one day we could buy this land when he was ready. However, now we have been told to leave and can never buy it. So now we are trying to save enough money to buy land and move our house because it has little value compared to how much we owe on it. My husband wants at least 10 acres of land to start farming and we just can’t afford it. For two years we have tried to put away money but it seems every time we do something comes up and we drain our savings. It seems we will never be able to have our dream of owning our own farm.

  27. Right now as I sit here, my biggest fear regarding the future is being able to pay for health care so that I can retire and be able to enjoy the rest of my life doing what I enjoy to do, READ.

  28. My greatest financial fear is not being able to properly provide for my 4 yr old son, take care of medical bills that have accumulated, and never be financially independant again. I am currently in school, going for my bachelors in Criminal Justice, and really hope that one day I will be a person my son can look up to, and say…man, she did it!!! I thought the free article we recieved was inspirational! I look forward to more!

  29. My greatest fear is having to work till 70 to ensure I have all i need for retirement. My wife and I enjoy traveling, which clearly cuts into our retirement but want to enjoy this time in our life and see all that we can. Having a solid retirement is important but so is enjoying the life you have when your young.

  30. A few months ago, I found out my husband was cheating on me. We went to counseling and tried to make it work. But he decided he didn’t want to be with me. And then he filed for divorce. The past few months have been depressing and trying. My husband left our house, our dog and every responsibility he signed on for. I’ve been working hard to keep things together, but I’ve begun to forget about myself. This Christmas, I would really like to go enjoy my time with a Kindle. I need to relax, read and just enjoy a hot cup of tea. I would use the Kindle to unwind and remind myself of why I’m valued, special and loved. I hope you’ll make my wish come true.

  31. What are yours, someone you know, or people in general, greatest money related fears, frustrations, questions or goals?
    my 401K seemed to be recovering, then started tanking again. Prior to the financial downturn it was doing well. I am afraid to do anything other than putting it in the safe range.

  32. My greatest money related fear is not saving enough for retirement and then having to work until I’m 70 or older. I daydream of retiring now, I can’t imagine how disappointing it would be to reach retirement age and find out I’m not financially prepared and continue to work for another 10 years! That would be horrible.

  33. My greatest fear is that social security will belly up before I die.

    I am 58 years on and on social security disability. I had been participating in my works 401k plan for several years before my disability.Unfortunately, once I had to take permanent leave I could no longer afford to do so. The money the I saved back then is now in an annuity. My spouse is 70,works two part-time jobs and collects social security.
    For most people what is blocking people from getting from point A to B is making a plan and taking step 1.

    1. From experts I’ve spoken with, social security won’t likely go “belly up” in our lifetime. It will likely be that people have to wait longer before collecting and/or the benefits will be reduced. But who knows with government.

  34. Pay yourself first! Easier said than done? Maybe. But I think people’s biggest obstacle may be motivation or discipline, and I think if they observe the simple ‘pay yourself first’ rule then they would be well on their way to achieving their financial goals. If a person can put aside any amount each payday, by the end of one year they would realize a significant amount which could be put toward a savings plan for retirement, a vacation, a down payment on a home, or a new vehicle, etc.

    Turn ‘Pay Yourself First’ into a habit, a non-negotiable, and stick to it. Sounds simple, yet so effective.

    Another suggestion would be to be very very careful with credit. Credit card debit is an albatross around anyone’s neck. If you can’t afford to pay off your credit card every month, maybe you shouldn’t have a credit card. This is essential for anyone starting out to know.

  35. My greatest fear is that my wife will spend past where we can pay–my wife would also be the person mopst damaging to my finances.

  36. My greatest fear is not living life because I am too busy saving for the future. I want to be able to look back with no real regrets, so I need to figure out a way to balance my current life with my future life. How do I have fun while saving?

  37. I don’t want to be kicking myself yet again because I was too busy working to take the time to figure out how to quickly move my money to safe ground when an upcoming stock market drop is obvious.

  38. My greatest fear is not having the money to pay my mortage and losing our home, losing my job, and never being able to retire.

  39. I have noticed what blocks most people is to take that step over the crack. They will work there way up to getting past debt, or saving enough money and they can see the end in sight. Then something comes up where they have to take a leap of faith or put in a little more effort then usual. That is where people get blocked these days. People want an easy step to step guide on how to live there financial life. When they try to look for the easy route that is when they get stopped from going in from point A to point B. There are only guidelines in the financial world, never easy step to step guides on how to live to the dreams you wanted and to get to point B.

  40. I worry that the financial systems of the world will implode. I have no control over such events and it seems unfair that people who work hard and do all the right things are effected.

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