Get More Clients by Doing Half the Work

Do you write to attract clients?

If you use a website, blog, email, social media, or any advertisement to promote your business, then you are using the written word to get customers.

Most business owners unknowingly repel customers with their writing, but they do not realize it.

For the time and money you invest in your writing and advertising, is it attracting enought clients to make it worth it?

If you’re honest about how much time it takes, compared to the benefits you receive, does it seem like you’re wasting your valuable time?

That was true for me when I wrote blog post after post, sent thousands of emails, and wasted time on social media, and saw almost no results…

…until I realized I was doing it all wrong.

The sad thing is, I was doing it just like everyone else.

I did everything the “experts” told me to do. I even copied what all the “big” marketers were doing.

As it turns out, the conventional way is all wrong
for small business owners like us. 

Through a lot of trial and error, I discovered a much better way.

I can almost guarantee you are making these same mistakes, but when you implement these simple, but powerful strategies, everything will change for you.

Almost anyone can get exponentially better results, with only a fraction of the work. 

It just takes some simple, but UNCONVENTIONAL thinking.

If you are a professional or service provider and want to use a blog, website, email or social media to promote your business, I have discovered a unique way to magnetically attract clients with a fraction of the work.

But let’s not forget that it’s really is about something much bigger than easily attracting clients. It’s really about being able to make a larger impact on the world. 

I mean that, because if you’re like me, you went into business because you sincerely love helping people. We deserve to make a fair living, but it’s not really about the money.

You have an important message that the world needs to hear. But let’s be honest, if your writing does not reach those who need it, how can you transform lives?

If your blog is following the wrong model, which 99% of them are, you will never make the impact on the world that you could.

Like it or not, your job is NOT ONLY to be the expert in your field, but you must also learn how to find and reach the people who desperately need your help.

I have a relatively small website that I update infrequently, but I’ve discovered how to dramatically amplify its power with very minimal input.

I am going to show you exactly what I’ve learned the painfully hard way—a controversial new and unique approach that will be contrary to everything you’ve ever been taught.

I’m frequently asked the same questions, so I’ve reluctantly decided to pull back the curtain to let you in behind the scenes of the closely guarded psychology I use in all of my business-related writing.

I am sharing this with you for two reasons. 

First, I love helping people achieve their goals. It’s what excites me and what I am passionate about.

Secondly, I know that when you see results in your business, you might hire me to help you get even more results in your business and life. 

Let me explain a little about what you will discover in this short training.

The training will cover:

- Why the traditional website and promotional writing model you are following will not work for your business

- Why you should update your blog less often

- How one simple blog post flooded my site with 10,183 new visitors in 24 hours—at no cost—and how you can easily do that too.

- How to convert each blog post, article, or advertisement into an asset as valuable as a book

- How to stand out from the 72,041,366 other blogs in the world

- How to use your website to magnetically attract clients—even if you’ve tried and failed before

- How to make your writing as exciting as a novel

- How to convert website readers into customers

I’m giving you the behind the scenes strategy that has worked for me and I’m going to share it with a handful of you to test in your business.

When you invest your time testing this strategy it’s important to me that you to get results.

Nothing inspires me more than hearing from clients who implement my ideas and reap the rewards from them. Like Dean for example:

I was scattered and lost. I kept getting distracted by the next “shiny object” that was supposed to make the difference for my business. Chuck helped me to get focused by sharing exactly what worked for him. I highly recommend Chuck as your coach.”

Dean Mignola, Small Business Jumpstart Specialist

I can’t guarantee this method will work for you as well as it did for me, because to be honest, most people don’t take action. 

But you have nothing to lose by experimenting with my strategy, because if you are not completely satisified I will give you your tiny investment back. 

Here’s how you can access the training.

In this training, I’ve organized all my client attraction writing secrets into a simple 1 ½ hour training session that comes in four formats: on demand video, printed text, audio CD and video DVD.

WBM manual 3D cover WBM 3D 2DVDs small image WBM 3D 2CDs small image

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