The Apex Predator Motivation

As we celebrate the 4th of July, I’m reminded of the minority responsible for the Declaration of Independence that resulted in the freedoms we once enjoyed.

For decades, American soldiers heroically fought wars that politicians claimed were necessary to defend our freedoms from foreign enemies. But today, the greatest threat to our independence comes from our own government, which is on an unstoppable march toward complete authoritarian control over every aspect of your life.

If the past 18 months haven’t opened your eyes, nothing will, but for those like-minded people who see the insanity of what is happening today, you’re not alone.

The government created a fake pandemic as an excuse to strip you of your freedoms, and in conflict with all common sense and all legitimate science, 99% of the public obediently complied with the tyrannical dictators by closing churches, businesses, and schools. And those who dared point out the obvious insanity of it all were immediately censored, canceled, or jailed.

I’m in constant disbelief over how, seemingly overnight, Americans surrendered all their freedoms, but a recent conversation helped me understand.

A friend asked why I had become a police officer over twenty years ago. I offered my typical answer: the action. As a young man, I enjoyed the adrenaline rush that came along with the fights, car chases, and kicking in of doors. 

That superficial answer typically appeases people during cocktail conversations, but not this time. My friend pushed for a deeper answer as he tried to understand why I would seek out confrontations with violent predators.

I always knew the answer, but I’ve never been pushed to articulate it. My motivations as a young man, although rare in society, have been common among Spartans, Navy SEALs, and other warriors throughout history.

Young apex predators all share a burning desire to test themselves—to prove they will prevail at the outer limits of adversity.

I would never have admitted it then, but when I was a young cop, I always hoped the next call would be my ultimate test—the confrontation where the stakes were so high that my death could be the consequence of failure.

Violent encounters trigger an intense adrenaline rush, but even more rewarding is the confidence that comes when you repeatedly confront violence and prevail.

Men who repeatedly test themselves eventually overcome many of their insecurities and no longer have anything left to prove to themselves or anyone else.

My friend was intrigued by my answer, and I was equally curious when he said he had never shared a similar desire to test himself. It was enlightening because it helped me understand the behavior of the masses during the past two years. 

I’ve been shocked by how the masses have obediently followed the unconstitutional lockdowns imposed without any connection to reality or science.

This conversation with my friend helped me understand how most are terrified of conflict and, in fact, most would prefer tyranny over the discomfort of confrontation.

At this stage in my life, I no longer have a desire to test myself in the same way I did in my youth. I’m too old, and perhaps too wise, to seek the adversity I once thrived on, but the reward of swimming with sharks, so to speak, is that all other conflict seems trivial afterwards. 

There is a tiny percentage of the population who are willing to risk discomfort in the pursuit of the preservation of freedom, but the masses prefer security above all else.

These psychological differences, in part, are contributing to the division in our country. The unity that dreamers are calling for will never happen. In fact, greater division is on the horizon.

The division will continue as people divide themselves in groups comprised of those who value freedom and those who don’t—those with the confidence to stand for liberty, and those willing to surrender to tyranny.

We are going to continue to be tested as our government exerts greater and greater tyrannical control over our lives. There is a price to pay for freedom, but the reward will set you free for eternity.

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