You Can Stop Apologizing

The luxury of wealth has unleashed a plague of political correctness in the United States.

While children in Zimbabwe are starving, people in the U.S. are arguing over which bathroom to use.

When the stakes are low, people will predictably invent a crisis to keep the drama high.

No matter what the bleeding hearts preach, everyone is not equal, nor should we pretend that everyone is the same.

Many are “leading lives of quiet desperation” as they pretend to conform to this failing modern day social experiment where “everybody is a winner.”

There are people that wake up each day looking for a new reason to be offended, so thirty-one flavors have been replaced with one.

If mint chip, raspberry, or Phish food (my favorite) are the offensive flavors of the week, it’s safer to choose vanilla.

But vanilla is boring.

If you’re pretending to be something you’re not, you will never be fulfilled. And no one else will respect you either.

We are drawn to those that are clear about who they are and what they want—it’s attractive.

Humans have an urgent, need-to-know survival instinct that questions the underling motivations of every human interaction.

Everyone wants something, so we constantly look for clues about how to deal with them.

When you’ve clearly communicated what you stand for, people can relax because they know what to expect.

Never leave others foggy about who you are, even if that pisses off those who are insecure about their own identity.

Being direct may turn off a few, but those are the people you need to repel anyway.

Become unapologetic about who you really are.

You’ll get more of what you want, and so will everyone else.

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