The Three Taboos — Become the Smartest in the Room

better-decision-makingSex, Religion and Politics.

We’re not supposed to talk about them, but why do we ignore the most interesting topics of our culture?

It’s because we’re afraid to hear that our vision of reality may be wrong.

We are a species of tribes. We need to belong, so we adopt labels.

Republican, Vegetarian and Muslim are examples.

When locked into an ideology, your identity is structured on the validity of that belief system.

When your identity is at stake you have a self-preserving incentive to reject conflicting ideas — even after they’ve become irrational.

The Flat Earth Society still exists.

If you ignore alternative views, it’s foolish to insist your way is right.

It’s interesting how hostile people are to new ideas. Continue reading

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How to be Happy — Success, Money and Happiness

How to be happy

The formula for success is obsolete.

It’s the model that dictates how we’re supposed to live.

We chase success expecting that happiness is on the other end. It’s not.

But if happiness is your focus you will never find it. Happiness cannot be pursued. The more you aim, the more you’ll miss.

Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, but instead a search for love and significance.

In other words, you will find happiness when you find a reason to be happy. Once you find that reason, happiness follows automatically.

The greatest challenge is to find meaning. Here’s how… Continue reading

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Why Surviving is Destryoing You


We spend 18 or more years learning technical skills: math, reading and science, yet most of us never learn the skills that actually matter. 

Your success is determined far more by how you think, than by what you know.

If you want to succeed in life, you must adopt philosophies that lead to success.

For a large part of my career I’ve trained civilians, military and cops the skills needed to win a fight with their hands and with guns. 

But all of those skills are pointless until you’ve learned the one thing that matters.

And you need the same philosophy to win a fight, as you do to thrive and be happy in life.  Continue reading

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Never Be Influenced by Guilt, Obligation or Manipulation

obligationThe programming began when you were young.

You’ve been manipulated.

Told to sacrifice.

Taught to avoid self-satisfaction.

Parents, teachers, bosses, spouses, and politicians have told you that what you want is wrong.

They’ve sold you on self-sacrifice to make you a more obedient servant of others.

In other words, they’ve conditioned you to be a damn good slave.

And when you’re obedient the system loves you. When you rebel, there are consequences. Continue reading

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Why Take the Risk of Traveling? My Kidnapping Experience.

I walked out of the terminal with my backpack tightly clinched across my chest to ward off the criminals.

I read the travel guides. I saw Man on Fire. Kidnapping was my real fear.

That’s why I decided to skip Mexico City (pics). Instead I was heading to Cuernavaca, but to get there, I had to take a bus through the capital which had the second highest kidnapping statistic in Latin American.

But, Mexico City was not where it happened.

We pulled up to the bus stop and I re-read the warning from my travel guide:

“Do NOT take the green taxis. The yellow cabs are safe.”

That seemed simple enough — until I got off the bus at midnight and a line of green taxis was all that was waiting for me.

Continue reading

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