Dan Camarillo’s Journey From Wimp to World Champion Fighter

dan-camarillo-jiu-jitsu-1Three men circle the woman standing in the lobby of the Denny’s restaurant.

One of the men starts arguing with her loud enough that everyone eating starts paying attention.

Undeterred by those watching, the man starts pushing her around near the cashier’s desk.

There’s a uniformed security guard passively watching the scene unfold.

“You’re a whore,” the man says just before he starts laying into her with his fist.

Dan Camarillo glances around the crowded restaurant and not a sole stands up to help the woman.

Dan sizes up the three larger men. “You’ve got to back me up on this,” he says as he looks towards his younger brother Dave Camarillo.

Before Dave answers, Dan confronts the man who is completely engrossed in assaulting the woman.

The man pulls his arm back to punch the woman again, but Dan deflects his swing.

For the first time, the angry man notices Dan, turns and pushes him backward.

That was the final straw. Dan slammed the guy to the ground and beat him until he stopped fighting. Continue reading

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Composed Under Extreme Pressure

IMG_2612-1At 3:25 in the afternoon, flight 1549 took off from New York’s LaGuardia airport with 155 passengers.

Things started unraveling only two minutes into the flight.

“We’ve lost thrust on both engines,” Captain Chelsey Sullenberger tells Air Traffic Control (ATC). “We’re turning back to LaGuardia.”

The normal engine whine is replaced by a muffled sound resembling shoes tumbling in a dryer.

ATC directs flight 1549 to land at the nearby Teterboro airport.

At 3:29 pm, only 137 seconds after hitting a flock of birds, the captain replies, “We’re gonna be in the Hudson.” Continue reading

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Most Choose to be Victims: How to Take Control of Your Life

shell beachIf you are chronically unhappy, depressed or disappointed in life, it is because you have chosen to be a victim.

The victim mindset is toxic, yet the majority unconsciously embrace the victim’s way of life.

You can choose to be happy or sad – a winner or loser.

Blame strips you of your power – leaving you defenseless.

But you will become emboldened when you accept complete responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” Viktor Frankl, survivor of Nazi concentration camps.

Your victimization may stem from childhood trauma, unhappy marriage, disappointing career or everything in between. Continue reading

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3 Vital Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs

personal-financeEntrepreneurs are a different breed.

They’re unique.

Perhaps elite is a fitting word.

They voluntarily go into harm’s way taking risks mere mortals would never dream of doing.

Entrepreneurs creep silently into the night for long hours — often for little pay and no glory.

In the world of business, entrepreneurs are they are the Navy SEALs of the work force. Like the top warriors, entrepreneurs also enjoy a few of the benefits of membership; relaxed grooming standards, flexible hours, and they often get to ditch the uniform.

My analogy is silly, but these two groups share traits the majority of the population does not. They are both minority groups who do not follow and often rebel against authority.

The traits that enable entrepreneurs to achieve great things also attract risk.

Entrepreneurs should not follow the same “rules,” especially when managing money.

Here are three money strategies critical to entrepreneurs. Continue reading

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From Delivering Pizzas to World Champion: Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller’s Journey to Thriving Entrepreneur

Ricardo-Franjinha-millerIn a crime ridden section of Sãu Paulo, Brazil, a man walked up and put a gun against Franjinha’s head.

Franjinha was robbed at gunpoint – his life was threatened over a bicycle.

Brazil can be dangerous with over 50,000 murders per year. A place where there is always a fear that someone can steal everything you’ve worked hard to get.

Many would be grateful for that crime if they knew it drove Franjinha and his pregnant wife to start a new life in Santa Barbara, California. Without speaking a word of English, they sold everything and made the 15 hour flight to America.

Since then Franjinha has built a thriving business and become one of the most sought after BJJ instructors on the California Coast. Today there are thirteen schools flying his Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brand, 36 black belt students beneath his lineage and countless world championship medals between Franjinha and his students. 

I meet up with Franjinha to continue my study into what distinguishes high level performers from the rest.

Regardless whether you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, or just want to excel in life, there are traits we can adopt by studying world class performers. Continue reading

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