Get Things Done: The Definitive Guide to Ruthless Time Management

time-managementTime management is about power. It has nothing to do with iPhone apps or colored office labels.

It’s about ruthlessly controlling your time so you can accomplish more.

These ideas will offend some and inspire a few–but there’s a reason only the minority are successful.

Why do so many feel overwhelmed so much of the time?

Years ago, I was running ragged, trying to work a full-time job, running two business and juggling a family with a newborn. I couldn’t keep up. I had to slow down and figure out where my time was going or I was going to lose my mind.

When I reviewed my schedule, I realized I was “busy” most of the time, but I wasn’t accomplishing much.

Back then my days as a detective started out like the movie Groundhog Day. I got to my desk at 7:15 AM — not because I was productive then, but because my boss showed up at 7:30. As long as we beat him in, I was good. 

I would fire up my computer and just stare at it like the scene in Office Space. When my boss walked in, we gathered around and talked about nothing for an hour. Seriously nothing, but my boss liked it, so we complied.
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Inspirational Quotes

inspirational quotesGreat inspirational quotes capture the essence of our hopes, dreams and values in elegant, yet tidy prose. 

I’ve always wanted a place to keep and share the great ones — now I have it.

This is a living document. If you share one that has a significant impact on me, I will happily add it to the list so… 

 …PLEASE share your favorite quotes in the comments below.


“Many are afraid of death. I fear missing life.” Chuck J. Rylant  Continue reading

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How to Profitably Expand Your Business – [The Right Way Part 3 of 3]

lakesmallYour most valuable business asset is probably not what you think.

It’s not your equipment, building, employees or your training, credentials or experience.

All of those are important, but they do not generate income on demand.

Having a quality list is like owning the printing press whenever you need money.

If forced, you could replace your tools, equipment, and even employees overnight, but it takes time to generate a quality list of customers and prospects that know, like and trust you.

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Are You Too Busy Earning A Living To Get Rich? The secret to money and freedom.

IslaMujeresPiersmallMaking money is easy.

But it’s not usually money we want.

We crave the lifestyle money provides.

Money can be a way to keep score. And if you work every waking minute, you’ll get plenty of points on the board.

There’s nothing morally wrong with that game, but there are plenty of heart attacks to blame for that lifestyle.


If you want to Live Like a Rock StarWithout Killing Yourself

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How to Rapidly Increase Business Profits – Low Hanging Fruit [Part 2 of 3]

build your business“The ATM is broken.”

“I know,” the teller replied, offering no explanation.

“Do you plan to fix it?”

She shrugged with complete indifference.

Maybe I should change banks, but there’s a good chance a new bank will be worse, so I stick with the “devil I know.”

Consumers tolerate more than they should because the alternative could be worse.

Entrepreneurs battle this fear with every new customer we seek. Getting a prospect who does not know you to part with their hard earned money is no easy task.

That’s why it’s relatively easy to sell additional products and services  Continue reading

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