Are You Making The Single Best Investment?

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Our community tends to be entrepreneurs, or self-driven, independent thinking employees who take responsibility for their own success.

They’re winners who refuse to conform to society’s depressing expectations because they demand more out of life.

In other words, they want to live extraordinary lives.

The people here desire a deeper understanding of themselves, appreciate self-improvement, and believe in life-long learning.

We do not try to convert “losers,” because it’s almost always a bad investment of time and energy.

The foundation of everything here originates from three unique processes, and when you immerse yourself, you’ll discover it’s the overlap of all three that will lead you to your own extraordinary life.

What you’ll get here (short version):

(1)Wealth Attraction,  (2) Wealth Preservation, and (3) Wealth Psychology

This overlap is unique and critical to your success.

Money and freedom come primarily through entrepreneurship, or an entrepreneurial approach to employment, but it’s not uncommon for high income earners to be broke.

That’s why the mix of business and personal finance is critical to your success.

You will also find elements of psychology here because all the best advice in the world is worthless without the right mindset driving your decisions.

What you’ll get here (long version):

The Problem

When you’re stuck in the rat race, it’s easy to lose sight of the possibility that life can be extraordinary.

For most people, happiness comes from being engrossed in meaningful experiences and while spending time with people they love.

People feel hopeless when trapped doing insignificant tasks that do not provide meaningful contribution or opportunity to grow.

In other words, happiness comes from love and contribution

The Solution

With that in mind, the solution seems simple, spend more time doing the things you love and less time doing the things you hate.

That’s easier said than done because things always get in the way—usually insufficient time and money.

That’s what this website is about—arranging your money and income in a way that makes it easy for you to do the things you love and stop doing the things you hate.

It’s about ignoring society norms so you can live life on your own terms.

It’s about clearing through the B.S. so you can focus on what’s important to you.

You will find three tools here that will enable you to live the extraordinary life you’ve always craved.

1) Wealth Attraction

Wealth attraction provides ways to create more income, often, but not always, through entrepreneurship.

Being self-employed is not easy, but it can provide greater income and freedom.

It’s usually easier to create more income through improved business marketing than it is to use financial planning to increase the wealth you already have.

Regardless of your profession, marketing is the most valuable skill you can ever develop, so you’ll receive a lot of unique customer attraction strategies. 

Click here to read the tale of two business owners—David and Sebastian. 

Click here to learn how to build a marketing system that works.

2) Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation provides you with a unique system to convert your income into wealth so you can experience freedom.

Some people are great at making money, but they often struggle at converting that income into wealth, which is what you must have if you want to live life on your own terms.

The goal of wealth preservation should not be to get more money, but that is often a byproduct. Instead, we use wealth attraction to efficiently generate income, and use investments, tax planning, debt reduction, and other tools to convert income into wealth. 

Wealth preservation is a financial planning strategy that ignores the text book strategies that do not work in the real world with real people like you.

(Continue for more on wealth preservation)

3) Wealth Psychology

Regardless how much money you have, no one can live an extraordinary life without overcoming the unconscious limitations that cause unhappiness.

The mind is a powerful tool, but we all need the right mindset to channel that energy in the right direction, otherwise, we will limit ourselves without even knowing it. 

(Continue for more on wealth psychology

Below is the abridged version of Chuck’s fascinating background.

Dr. Chuck J. Rylant is a high performance coach, trainer, and author of multiple best selling books.

He was formally trained through the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ program and is a business marketing expert with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Chuck is a doctor of clinical psychology. What makes Chuck truly unique is his training as a coach compounded by the experience he gained during his former career as a street cop and homicide detective.

After 20 years of interrogating some of the most hardened criminals, Chuck has spent the past decade having intimate conversations with clients over the most challenging of life and business struggles.

Through these experiences, Chuck has refined a unique process of uncovering the conscious and unconscious roadblocks that prevent people from rapidly achieving their goals.

Chuck’s journey began after he was raised on welfare in government housing with dysfunctional parents. The incredible hardships of his childhood sparked a fire that drove Chuck to find a better way to live.

Chuck has developed a set of guiding principles that have enabled him to live life on his terms while doing what he is passionate about — helping ambitious people achieve their own vision of an extraordinary life.

He rarely takes on new clients, but occasionally will make room for interesting people who demonstrate they are committed to achieving high-performance results in their own lives.

 Click here for the complete version of Chuck’s fascinating story.

Books by Dr. Chuck J. Rylant

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Are You Making The Single Best Investment?

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I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.