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I Waited Too Long to Kill Him: How Indecision Can Be Fatal

The dreams are less frequent with time, but they still haunt me. This dream is real and the stakes were high. Perhaps our dreams are a message—our subconscious trying slap us in the face. This one is about indecision. I probably should have … Continue reading

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How to be Above Average

Most think they are above average. For example, in one survey 94% of college professors claim they do above average work. Statistically, it is impossible that 94% of any group is above average. An educated group of college professors should understand the statistical … Continue reading

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Your Unconscious Limitations

We are controlled by unconscious forces that prevent us from reaching our full potential. Regardless how hard we try, it is difficult to understand ourselves because we have no direct access to our unconscious. Our conscious thoughts are conceived from … Continue reading

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Chad Robichaux – Marine Special Forces, MMA & Jiu-Jitsu Fighter Overcoming PTSD

A man was barricaded in his house pointing a rifle at Chad Robichaux – the police officer who responded to the domestic violence call. “That morning, if you asked me what if a guy points a gun at me,” Chad … Continue reading

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Before it’s Too Late – Resolving Past Conflict

“Call me ASAP.” It was an unusual text message from my friend Mike, a police sergeant. When he answered my call, he was direct and to the point. “We found your dad unresponsive,” Mike said. “He’s not breathing and has … Continue reading

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