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I Waited Too Long to Kill Him: How Indecision Can Be Fatal

The dreams are less frequent with time, but they still haunt me. This dream is real and the stakes were high. Perhaps our dreams are a message—our subconscious trying slap us in the face. This one is about indecision. I probably should have … Continue reading

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Before it’s Too Late – Resolving Past Conflict

“Call me ASAP.” It was an unusual text message from my friend Mike, a police sergeant. When he answered my call, he was direct and to the point. “We found your dad unresponsive,” Mike said. “He’s not breathing and has … Continue reading

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The Battle Between Warriors and the Public

In the middle of the morning, the 911 calls flooded in reporting a man at busy shopping center frantically waving a butcher knife. When the officers arrived, the Hispanic man was yelling while holding the knife against his own throat. … Continue reading

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Police Beatings: Balancing Anarchy and Tyranny

A Seattle police officer punched a woman in the face during a jaywalking stop. The officer tried to detain the jaywalker, but she pulled away and started yelling, which agitated the hostile crowd that began to circle the officer. A second woman … Continue reading

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